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We're located at 130 Tom Hall Street, Fort Mill, SC

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  • Children's Ministry

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  • is United Methodist
  • has an average worship attendance of 200

Job at St John's United Methodist Church

Ability to build trusting relationships with children, their parents, and greater church family

Job Description

Please submit your application to [email protected]

Part-time Children’s Director

The part-time, approximately 20 hours, Children’s Director oversees a ministry helping children from nursery through fifth grade who are taking steps toward an understanding of Jesus Christ while attending St. John’s United Methodist Church in Fort Mill, South Carolina. The Children’s Director reports to the Senior Pastor and the Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC).
Experience, Gifts, and Skills:
• Mature Christian with strong, personal relationship with Jesus Christ • Calling or desire to build and nurture other relationships with Jesus Christ • Seasoned leader with experience working directly with children and their parents • Ability to build trusting relationships with children, their parents, and greater church family • Enthusiastic, team-player who creates a culture of recruitment, training, and empowerment of volunteers • Exceptional interpersonal, oral, and written communication • Research and preparation of meaningful and topical, age-appropriate curriculum • Effective time management and organizational skills Responsibilities:

1) Children’s Participation
a) Establish a program engaging children from Kindergarten through fifth grade in the church
b) Plan and promote all major events which targets weekly participation

2) Relationship Building
a) Become familiar with the names of children and parents on the church rolls
b) Contact via email, text, or call at least two inactive student’s parents a week
c) Spend face-to-face time with every student on the children’s directory at least once a year
d) Be visible at student events on school campuses or other events and invite volunteer leaders to accompany you at those visits
e) Seeking to be informed about any special victories, concerns or challenges, hospitalizations being faced by the youth and his/her family and, as often as reasonable, pass that information on to the youth leaders for personal follow-up
f) Attending youth ministry major events enthusiastically, thanking volunteers, and helping out with clean up
g) Being available for youth and their families as needs arise for pastoral care and support

3) Volunteer Leader Development
a) Assist with recruiting children’s ministry volunteers for children’s activities no later than one month before they begin
b) Ensure all children’s ministry volunteers complete an application, background
check, and training before they become involved
c) Meet personally with each children’s ministry volunteers once a year and check in with them on a quarterly basis

4) Event Planning
a) Complete event notebooks for each major event and update those notebooks after each event completes

5) Children’s Council
a) Coordinate the work of the Children’s Council
b) Develop and distribute control documents in a timely fashion (the children’s directory, the children’s ministry calendar, calendar requests, event and trip registration forms, leaders directory, first-time directory, etc.)
c) Keep compliance documents up-to-date and distributed to all involved parties
(copyright licensing, background checks on volunteers and staff, website announcements, etc.)

6) Worship Involvement
a) On Communion Sunday, bring the children back into the sanctuary from Children’s Church to participate

7) Church Staff Coordination
a) Communicate with the church staff, particularly the Senior Pastor, so they are informed and are enthusiastically supportive of the priorities and programs of the children’s ministry
b) Attend church staff meetings as needed

8) Visitor Follow-up
a) Personally follow up with all first-time, visiting families with children within a week of their visit

9) Troubleshooting
a) Troubleshoot problems in children’s ministry to honor the concerns of those who bring them and offer timely, creative, and God-centered solutions

10) Communication
a) Ensure communication needs of the children’s ministry are handled in a professional and timely manner including:
• Bulletin boards, photography, attendance • Newsletters, bulletin and church school announcements, social media, website, or other electronic media • Forms and registrations

11) Personal Investment
a) Personal
• Living by the St. John’s UMC Youth Leader Covenant • Living out the values of the St. John’s UMC Children’s Ministry • Being supportive and enthusiastic about pursuing the mission and goals of the St. John’s UMC b) Attendance
• Sunday morning worship, regularly attending/visible in alternating services throughout the year • Sunday evening R.E.A.L. Kids for Christ • Church staff meetings • Regular meetings with Senior Pastor c) Leadership
• Teaching on Sunday mornings as needed • Participating in worship as needed • Conduct devotions and plan engaging activities for R.E.A.L. Kids for Christ • Teaching or leading Bible studies with a volunteer to share the responsibilities for that part of the ministry • Preparing an annual budget for the children’s ministry

St John's United Methodist Church

God’s Grace
Grace is a primary emphasis within the United Methodist Church. Grace is the undeserved, unmerited, and loving action of God in human existence. Through grace, God summons us to repentance, pardons us, claims us as new people in Christ, and gives us hope of life eternal. In spite of suffering, violence, and evil, we assert that God's grace is present everywhere. Despite our brokenness, we remain people created by a just and merciful God. God's grace and human activity work together in faith and good works. While faith is the only response essential for salvation, salvation shows itself in good works. Personal salvation always involves service to the world. We believe that Jesus calls us to put our love into action. The United Methodist Church reaches out to establish peace and justice in the world through many ministries.

The Sacraments
We believe that there are two sacraments: Baptism and Holy Communion. Both are initiated by Jesus Christ as symbols and pledges of God's love for us. Entrance into the church is acknowledged in baptism and may include persons of all ages. Baptism is followed by nurture and in the growing awareness of the baptized of Christ's claim upon their lives. Persons baptized as infants and children accept baptismal promises in Confirmation. We baptize persons by sprinkling, pouring, or immersion.

We believe the Lord's Supper is a memorial of the suffering, death, and resurrection of Christ and a symbol of the union Christians have with Christ and with one another. All persons -- saints and sinners, children and adults, members and guests -- are welcomed at our Savior's table.

The Universal Church
With other Christians, we declare the essential oneness of the church in Christ Jesus. We affirm our unity with other Christian communities as we confess one holy, universal, and apostolic church. As a sign of our unity, we welcome persons baptized in and members of other Christian communions.