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  • Youth / Student Ministry

Our church…

  • is Baptist
  • has an average worship attendance of 150

Job at First Baptist Church of Peculiar

To guide leadership in planning, promoting, and implementing a youth program & mission projects designed for the spiritual growth and development of Middle and High School age young people.

Job Description

Minister of Youth job description:

Minister of Youth First Baptist Church of Peculiar

I. Purpose of Position

A. To guide leadership in planning, promoting, and implementing a youth program designed for the spiritual growth and development of Middle and High School age young people.

B. To develop and promote youth mission projects that are purpose-driven through the Great commission (Matthew 28:19-20).

II. Conditions of Employment

             A. Education required: Bachelor’s degree in Christian Education and/or Bible Studies, etc.

             B. Full-time position with structured office hours, church meetings, mission trips, youth ventures, etc. with accumulative hours averaging 40 hours per week.

            C. Receive periodic training to enhance skills in youth work. Encourage some skill training for any volunteers. Financial assistance must be approved through the Church Finance committee at a regular Church Business meeting.

            D. When absence is necessary from general duties (Sundays/Wednesdays), a substitute must be arranged. This should be done in consultation and with full knowledge of the pastor.

            E. Two (2) weeks vacation per year are available plus one (1) extra week of vacation is accrued following ten (10) years of service. Five (5) sick days are accrued each year of employment and can be carried over to the next year with a maximum carry-over of 25 days. There is no compensation for accumulated sick leave or vacation days following termination or resignation.

            F. Protocol for extended leave of absence is as follows: Request given to Pastor; Pastor consults with Personnel Committee; Personnel Committee makes recommendations to the Church Body; Church Body approves or denies request.

            G. Willing to take on other tasks as assigned by the Pastor.

III. Duties and Responsibilities

             A. Responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating of the church’s youth activities. This includes but not limited to: Youth Sunday School, Wednesday night Youth Program, weekend youth activities, Youth camps, Youth mission trips, revivals, visitation, counseling, food pantry, etc.

            B. Will recruit and guide volunteers with youth and mission activities.

            C. Financial expenditures with be documented in church office prior to purchases. In case of shortfall, the Church Finance committee will be consulted.

            D. To serve as a member of the Church Council (attendance expected) and to report to the Council when requested.

            E. Attend staff meetings when called.

            F. As time allows, investigate young adult ministry with a viable approach to reaching out to 18-35 year olds.

IV. Guidelines

             A. Will be under direct supervision of the Pastor.

            B. Any difficulties related to the work of the Minister of Youth will be dealt with by the Personnel committee in consultation with the Pastor.

            C. Recommendations regarding this ministry position and its description must be made to the Personnel committee for the consideration and possible presentation to the monthly Church Business meeting.

            D. A review of policy, performance and salary should take place with the Personnel committee in conjunction with the Pastor after the first 3 months and thereafter, annually.      

                                                                                                                                                                             Updated March, 2018

First Baptist Church of Peculiar