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We're located at 2419 Bethlehem Loop Road, Franklin, TN

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  • Youth / Student Ministry

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  • is United Methodist
  • has an average worship attendance of 300

Job at Bethlehem United Methodist Church

Student Ministries Director

Job Description

Franklin, Tennessee
Job Description

POSITION Director of Youth Ministries

TIME Full-Time (approximately 40 hours a week)

REPORTS TO Senior Pastor and Staff-Parish Relations

PURPOSE (Why does this role/position exist)
This position exists to help shepherd the youth toward a Christ filled life by providing substantive programming, genuine mentorship, and engaging activities, while also pushing them connection with the larger church body and their families.
When the position is done well there are multiple students engaging in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ both inside and outside the church.

Basic Responsibilities (Primary areas of responsibility)
1. Works with Associate to develop and direct a youth program focused on Jesus Christ and his teachings through:
• Sunday School • Sunday Night Programming • Small Group Ministry • Confirmation • Events, Trips, and Retreats • Local, National, and (eventually?) international Mission Trips • Glavin Scholarship (although there is a case to be made that is is taken out from the Youth umbrella) 2. Leads programming and events including Sunday night programming, Sunday School, Small Groups, and regular events and coordinates with the Associate to share ideas as well as look for ways to involve the Associate in regular programming.
3. Prepares visuals, handouts, games, and worship music for Sunday night programming. Prepares quizzes for Sunday School.
4. Helps to integrate the youth into the entire life of the congregation through worship, service, fellowship, leadership, and missions through building healthy relationship with youth and their families and encouraging participation in the youth program.
5.In coordination with the Associate, trains and supervises all youth counselors, volunteers, and other adult leadership and ensures that the youth staff is empowered and moving toward faithfully carrying out their ongoing day-to-day responsibilities.
6. Plans and implements the youth program with those recruited as well as the parents and the Youth Leadership Team.
7. Seeks and nurtures close contact with the youth through attendance at school activities, sporting events, coaching sports teams, lunch visits, etc..
8. Serves as an ambassador for the youth within the body of the church through serving on various and speaking to various groups within the church.
9. Helps the Associate develop and implement a long-term vision for the youth that is achievable and sustainable.
10. Searches for or develops curriculum for you that helps empower them to become active followers of Christ.
11. Serves as a mediator between youth and their parents and the church body as a whole. Serves as a referral for people to professional counselors as needed.
12. Works to ensure that the church, particularly youth parents, are informed and enthusiastically supportive of the priorities and programs of the youth ministry.
13. Makes sure that administrative and “in-between the cracks” needs of the ministry are handled in a professional and timely manner. These needs include:
• Communication and PR • Attendance tracking • Development and distribution of Forms and Registrations • Assist Receptionist with managing student accounts 14. Develop agendas for regular programming meetings, as well as other meetings such as parent meetings, informational trip meetings, and volunteer training ministries.
15. Keep control documents in an updated and organized manner. Make sure that compliance documents are up-to-date and distributed to all involved parties.
16. Advertise to the wider church body about the youth and the activities that they have been involved in.

Key Skills and Attitudes
1. Committed to following Christ and a shared practice of spiritual disciplines.
2. Works with ministry teams of staff and volunteers with respect and joyfulness.
3. Ministers not only to the needs of the you, but also to the needs of their families.
4. Willing to work under the guidance of the Pastor.
5. Possesses the ability to appropriate authority and delegate responsibility. Aware of leadership weaknesses and willing to seek out and enable others to compliment where they lack.
6. More focused on reaching youth and communicating the Gospel than on numbers. Values quality over quantity.
7. Continually seeks to follow the heart of God for the church and takes time for prayer and discernment of God’s will for the group.
8. Lies a wholesome, well-balanced life, exhibits good work related disciplines, and gives attention to personal and familial needs thereby providing a good role model.

Signs of Fruitfulness (metrics; measurements; outcomes, etc.) (how you know it’s going well)
Vona said she has these and that we can leave it blank for right now.

1. Bachelor’s degree
2. MDiv preferred
3. Minimum 3-5 years experience

Other Responsibilities Outside of Youth Ministry
1. International Mission Trips
a. Recruit team
b. Plan logistics which include transportation, flights, lodging, etc.
c. Plan VBS and gather all supplies, etc. for 75+ people
2. National Mission Trips
a. Recruit team
b. Plan logistics which include transportation, flights, lodging, etc.
2. Helping with multiple church events including but not limited to:
a. Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Mission Sundays, Rice and Bean Pack days, Church Has Left the Building, Night in Bethlehem, VBS, etc.
2. Giving Children’s Message on Sunday every other month
3. Lead Preschool Chapel on Wednesday every other month

Send a resume or email to [email protected] to inquire or to apply.

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