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Job at First Baptist Church Murphysboro

Family Pastor

Job Description

Family Pastor Job Description
First Baptist Church of Murphysboro
Salaried, non
-exempt Supervisor:
Senior Pastor
As specified in First Baptist Church’s Personnel Handbook
The Family Pastor will develop a Family ministry that creates an environment in which all members are
equipped to be a part of the spiritual and ministerial mission of the church, with a special emphasis on
equipping parents to teach and lead their children in the Christian walk. This individual will also work with
leaders at every level to develop educational programs with a Biblical emphasis.
The primary focus is to equip, educate and em
power the congregation, through the study of God’s
Word, to become ambassadors for Christ to the surrounding community.
Job Responsibilities
Plan and oversee monthly and annual
activities for all age groups and families.
These activities may
include, but
not limited to, camps, conferences, concerts, service projects, mission trips and other activities that enhance the overall goals of the family ministry.
Oversee and lead discipleship activities/programs including but not limited to:

Small group studies

Develop a Personal Discipleship Program (1
-1 mentorship)

Help develop lay ministry by helping people identify, develop and use their gifts and talents
to advance the Word of God

Plan intergenerational gatherings to help all generations of FBC family recognize how God
is working in the whole family of God.
Collaborate with other ministry leaders, as appropriate, to develop and expand the education ministry
in the areas of age group ministries, outreach, discipleship, Vacation Bible School, and mission organizations.
Organize and work closely with volunteers.
Have regular face
-to-face times with individuals such as youth, parents, and volunteers to fostering healthy ministry relationships.
Communicate regularly with the Senior Pastor concerning any counseling with youth, parents, or
Make financial recommendations regarding trips and events, to Leadership Council for approval and
secure reservations and registrations.
Handle communications within the church by email, texting, calling, news
letters, mailings, website,
word of mouth, etc.
Assist the Senior Pastor in the areas of evangelism, worship, counseling, visitation, publicity plans,
weddings, funerals and daily operations of the church as needed.
Qualifications and Requirements

have a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Must have the desire to bring families closer to Jesus and further develop their
relationships with Him.

Must demonstrate a high level of trustworthiness, and the ability to maintain strict
The wisdom to refrain from indiscriminately sharing information is critical, including, but not limited to, social networks and word of mouth.

Must be a self-starter and have the ability to set timetables and accomplish them.

Must be able to communicate well, both verbally and in writing.

Must display a pleasing public appearance and demeanor.
Must be able to readily adapt to changing requirements, needs and new technologies.

Must work well in a team environment.

Must be certified in CPR training will be provided.

CDL license preferred

Must attend church services regularly.

Attend monthly Leadership Council meetings and other committee meetings as

Support Resources
The Family Pastor will receive the support of the Senior Past
or in his/her ministry responsibilities and
will meet regularly with the Senior Pastor for support, prayer and direction.
The Family Pastor will also receive
the support of the Leadership Council and may meet with the Leadership council as is deemed necessary to
clarify expectations and to seek counsel for the overall direction of the ministry. The Family Pastor will be
encouraged to attend relevant educational conferences/retreats annually.
First Baptist Church will, prior to employment, require that applicant undergo a background check and
may include a credit check.
Any expenses incurred will be paid for by the church.
Salary will be determined at time of hiring based on experience and qualifications.

First Baptist Church of Murphysboro
401 N. 15th St.
Murphysboro, IL
62966 (618) 687-1769 [email protected]

First Baptist Church Murphysboro