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We're located at 401 SE 15th Ave Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

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Our church…

  • is Presbyterian (PCUSA)
  • has an average worship attendance of 500

First Presbyterian Church of Fort Lauder


Church description

FPC is a growing/vibrant congregation committed to serving Jesus Christ.Our ministry vision is evolving as our church is
evolving. Founded over 100 years ago, FPC is located in downtown Ft Laud.Our membership is comprised of newcomers to
the Ft Laud area as well as multi-generational families.FPC is in the process of building a world-class ministry team & is
excited to have called a Senior Pastor in Jan.The former Dir of Youth & College Ministry has been called to serve as Assoc
Pastor, & FPC is searching for another AP.Sundays are filled with sights & sounds with both traditional & contemp
services.With 6 choirs (5 youth,1 adult),our music ministry is an integral component of FPC.FPC also holds CE throughout
the week.We have a strong mission program.FPC’s youth program is an important facet.Our youth are immersed in their
faith through Bible Study, youth group, choir, & youth events, annual retreats & annual high school mission trips.They are
also integrated into the worship services through our Kirk Singer choir.We strive to enhance our youth to fully encompass
FPC’s mission, as well as to lead them to Jesus Christ, teach them about faith, show them how to live a Christ-centered life,
& impart the importance of helping/serving others.Our youth program’s mission statement, “Making disciples of Jesus Christ by teaching God’s Word to our youth, equipping them to live Christ-centered lives, & training them to share their faith in word
and service to others”, is the core of our youth program.

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