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We're located at 401 SE 15th Ave Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

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  • Youth / Student Ministry
  • Young Adult / College Ministry

Our church…

  • is Presbyterian (PCUSA)
  • has an average worship attendance of 500

Job at First Presbyterian Church of Fort Lauder

Director of Youth and College Ministry

Job Description

The greater Fort Lauderdale area is a community filled with great diversity, which gives our church many service
opportunities in various capacities. FPC seeks to utilize all of its resources in order to serve this city, its people, and the
world beyond. This means its resources of people (its membership), place (its buildings), and things (financial resources).
We are an active Habitat for Humanity supporter, we host blood drives throughout the year, and we pack and distribute 750
Thanksgiving baskets every November to those in need in our community. We also support the interests of our student
community by helping them embrace the needs of others. Our Mission Team works with individual youth to help them
coordinate their own mission projects, which have included a collection drive for Haiti, a collection drive for the Keys, and the
Souper Bowl of Caring. First Presbyterian Church also seeks ways to search for solutions for the over 2,000 homeless
individuals who live on the streets in Broward County. Our church has a long history of reaching a helping hand into our
community. Our eyes and ears are always open to seeing and hearing the needs of the people in our own community and in
our world.

The Director of Youth and College will be the driving force behind the youth and college students, as well as their families, at
First Presbyterian Church. This person will partner with the pastors, staff, and lay leadership to craft the emerging vision for
ministry. The person in this position will be responsible for ensuring that the youth of our congregation are fully equipped to
take their position as tomorrow’s leaders in our church’s mission. They will encourage whole family engagement, build
discipleship and fellowship while growing faith, and work to grow our youth’s relationship with Christ and model living a
Christ-centered life. They will plan and coordinate age-appropriate mission opportunities, encourage youth participation in
church-wide mission and outreach, and encourage individual students to grow their faith through service projects (i.e. Haiti
and Keys collections and the Souper Bowl of Caring). This person will enable our students to realize that they can actually
be the most effective evangelists in our church, and teach them how to spread the love of God. They will create an
atmosphere conducive to the development of healthy disciples and relationships grounded firmly in the gospel.

FPC is searching for an individual with the following characteristics:
• A follower of Jesus Christ who walks with the Lord, can lead by example, has a deep understanding of the Bible, and is committed to spiritual growth
• A teacher with strong leadership, organizational, and administrative skills • A self-starter, who can recruit and train volunteers, and can make activities meaningful, yet also fun and appealing to youth
• A communicator who is articulate, and is able to effectively communicate and publicize through various platforms • A “techie” who is able to understand and effectively use appropriate technology and social media • A collaborator who is able to work as a team player • An open-minded individual who shows judgement, common sense, and maintains confidentiality • A respectful individual who is welcoming, compassionate, understanding, has the ability to relate to and connect with parents, youth, staff, and volunteers
• A motivator who is outgoing, energetic, and willing to think and act outside the box and outside our 4 walls • Someone who has a sense of humor and can maintain a healthy work-life balance • One who is inspired to lead people to Christ and is called to serve youth, college students, and their families

The Director of Youth and College will be responsible for the following tasks, assignments and ministry areas:

• Primary focus on youth (grades 6-12) and college ministries • Oversee staff and volunteers for Youth and College ministry • Lead students to become followers of Jesus Christ and walk with them through their faith journey
• Plan, schedule, lead/teach/attend, and evaluate youth ministry activities including but not limited to:

􀆒 Sunday School 􀆒 Youth Group 􀆒 Wednesday evening Christian Education 􀆒 Small group meetings 􀆒 Community Service projects 􀆒 Lock-Ins, Retreats, Mission Trips, and other events 􀆒 Fellowship Events/opportunities 􀆒 College events 􀆒 Confirmation Class 􀆒 Youth Sunday • Oversee Youth and College budget • Select appropriate curriculum • Recruit, train, and guide volunteers • Provide pastoral care for youth, college, and their families • Attend student activities and be a visible member of the Fort Lauderdale community
• Understand and use appropriate technology/social media • Attend staff meetings • Serve as staff liaison to the Youth and College Ministry Team • Maintain records per policy guidelines • Follow church and youth policies

First Presbyterian Church of Fort Lauder

FPC is a growing/vibrant congregation committed to serving Jesus Christ.Our ministry vision is evolving as our church is
evolving. Founded over 100 years ago, FPC is located in downtown Ft Laud.Our membership is comprised of newcomers to
the Ft Laud area as well as multi-generational families.FPC is in the process of building a world-class ministry team & is
excited to have called a Senior Pastor in Jan.The former Dir of Youth & College Ministry has been called to serve as Assoc
Pastor, & FPC is searching for another AP.Sundays are filled with sights & sounds with both traditional & contemp
services.With 6 choirs (5 youth,1 adult),our music ministry is an integral component of FPC.FPC also holds CE throughout
the week.We have a strong mission program.FPC’s youth program is an important facet.Our youth are immersed in their
faith through Bible Study, youth group, choir, & youth events, annual retreats & annual high school mission trips.They are
also integrated into the worship services through our Kirk Singer choir.We strive to enhance our youth to fully encompass
FPC’s mission, as well as to lead them to Jesus Christ, teach them about faith, show them how to live a Christ-centered life,
& impart the importance of helping/serving others.Our youth program’s mission statement, “Making disciples of Jesus Christ by teaching God’s Word to our youth, equipping them to live Christ-centered lives, & training them to share their faith in word
and service to others”, is the core of our youth program.