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  • Youth / Student Ministry

Our church…

  • is Church of the Nazarene
  • has an average worship attendance of 1.15 thousand

Job at Fairview Village Church

Youth Ministry

Job Description

Fairview Village Church of the Nazarene
Celebrate, Connect, Care
Fairview Village Church of the Nazarene purposes to be a Biblically shaped community of grace
where Jesus is Lord in worship, education,

Associate Pastor of Student Ministry
Job Description

ACCOUNTABLE TO: Director of Ministries


a. Embrace FVC philosophy, vision and mission as defined by leadership
b. Participate in a small group associated with FVC and its mission
c. Participate in scheduled staff meetings
d. Assist pastoral staff with miscellaneous roles as assigned by the Family Ministries Pastor.
e. Achieve professional growth through continuing education, appropriate conferences, retreats and research.
f. Pastor your ministry area through visitation, calls and follow up.
g. Recruit, train and deploy lay persons into your ministry area.

I. Director of Student Ministry (7th through 12th Grade)

a) Plan Weekly Student Worship Service.
i) Create and communicate OOS (Order of Service) containing music, teaching, games, social space, small group time, etc.
ii) Research and develop curriculum that is relevant to the age group.
iii) Research group games, upfront games, team building exercises, etc.)
iv) Benchmark churches that are comparable in size and churches that are larger to research common practices that will promote growth within your ministry.
b) Work in conjunction with Worship Arts Pastor to have quality and relevant worship
c) Direct and Promote Yearly Fall Retreat
i) Recruit a speaker
ii) Recruit a worship band
iii) Establish theme and spiritual direction
iv) Schedule a retreat center or camp
v) Recruit adult volunteers
vi) Plan retreat activities
vii) Coordinate transportation to and from retreat center or camp
d) Plan and Execute Student Group Events
i) Strategically plan events that are outreach oriented.
ii) Keep events planned out 18 months in advance.
iii) Coordinate with the family ministries admin to get events on the church calendar.
iv) Coordinate with the communications director to promote and advertise events.
v) Create budgets to manage cost.
vi) Participate in all family ministries events.
vii) Recruit adult volunteers for each event.
viii) Ensure all participants have signed a medical release for BEFORE any event.
e) Create and maintain business plan on growth and development of the Student Group program
i) Create and cast vision of “the next step”.
ii) Constantly evaluate what is vs. what could be.
II. Director of Student Small Groups
a) Lead Volunteers
i) Maintain a minimum of 2 volunteer group leaders per small group
ii) Recruit volunteers to run different parts of the service. (i.e. game leader, worship leader, café manager, etc.)
iii) Meet with volunteers weekly before each Small Group service to discuss the OOS as well as upcoming events.
iv) Give small group leaders the scripture and discussion questions mid-week so they have time to prepare to lead their small group.
v) Keep volunteers informed of upcoming events through weekly emails.
vi) Give volunteers often a platform to voice concerns and suggestions.
b) Implement and maintain a process of assimilation and care
i) Ensure connection with new students and their families
ii) Ensure that students that have been absent do not go unnoticed
iii) Bring students and leaders into the assimilation/care process
iv) Visit volunteers and students in emergency situations or hospital
v) Contact people in this age group that have been absent for 3,6, or 9 weeks
vi) Contact people in the age group when they have visited 1,3, and 6 times

III. Facilitate Summer Internship Program
a) Incorporate students that are interested in ministry
b) Create application and interview process
c) Write job descriptions for each intern position
d) Provide incentive for each intern position
e) Meet with and evaluate each intern regularly
f) Provide learning goals for each intern

IV. Participate in Team and Staff Events

a) Easter Egg Hunt
i) Organize specific event as assigned by Connections Pastor
ii) Recruit volunteers
iii) Oversee operation of event
iv) Order supplies as needed
b) Lights in the Village
i) Organize specific event as assigned by Connections Pastor
ii) Recruit volunteers
iii) Oversee operation of event
iv) Order supplies as needed

V. Work Ethic:

a) Comply with FVCN employee manual
b) Additional responsibilities in your compensation package are an addendum to the job description.
c) Ministry is required often on Fridays and Saturdays. Comp time can be taken only upon approval of your supervisor.
d) When offsite communicate with administrative assistant your availability.

VI. Physical and Mental Requirements:

  1. General skills in
    • Writing • Speaking • Reading • Math • Reasoning
  2. Frequent use of computer.
  3. Occasional driving; active driver’s license required.
  4. Occasional balancing, bending, stooping, reaching, pushing, pulling, climbing and standing.
  5. Light physical requirement with occasional lifting/carrying of objects weighing up to 20 lbs.

VII. Other Requirements:
1. Must be a member of Fairview Village Church
2. Must be a professing Christian in word and deed

VIII. Environment Conditions:
1. Works Primarily indoors.
2. Occasional exposure to steps, stairs and uneven surfaces.
3. Work Schedule: Salary which is a minimum of 45 hrs a week
4. Reviews: Semi-Annual

IX. All other tasks as assigned by the Director of Ministries

Fairview Village Church

We are a very community minded church. Some of our outreach events bring over 10,000 people. Our goal is not just to provide a meaningful Christ centered experience on Sunday, but to be creating relationship with the community around us. We are passionate about serving as many people as possible with love and compassion.