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We're located at 21 E Constance Ave, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

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  • Youth / Student Ministry

Our church…

  • is Presbyterian (PCUSA)
  • has an average worship attendance of 200

Job at First Presbyterian Church of Santa Barbara

We’re looking for a devoted Christ-follower with strengths in communication, proven relational development capabilities, a heart for nurturing faith and engaging scriptural teaching, and who exhibits contagious enthusiasm, and a joyful spirit.

Job Description

First Presbyterian Church of Santa Barbara Job Description: Minister to Youth and Young Adults

Purpose To further the mission of First Presbyterian Church of Santa Barbara by challenging and
engaging the hearts and minds of youth and young adults by showing and sharing God’s love in
Jesus Christ and by building healthy, long-lasting discipleship relationships.

Accountability Reports to the Associate Pastor of Christian Formation and Community Outreach and to the
Pastor as Head of Staff.


Strengthen and Grow Junior High, High School, and Young Adult Programs • Establish a ministry that each week engages Junior High and High school students, and young adults in the life of the church,
• Establish a ministry that engages youth and Young Adults in the regular worship and discipleship life of the church
• Provide steady communication and invitation through all available channels; in person, mailings, emails, social media, church publications, and worship services, etc.
• Plan, promote, and execute all major events and ministry programs, on time, on budget, and on target, reaching number of participant goals.
• Create and implement a plan for consistent check in and follow-up with youth and young adults
• Visit and engage youth at their school campuses, performances, sporting events, etc. • Provide exceptional and personal follow up to all first-time visitors within 24 hours of their visit
• Troubleshoot problems in the youth and young adult ministries in a way that honors the concerns of those who bring them, and offer timely, creative solutions to challenges
within the ministries
• Teach on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings as needed • Participate in Sunday worship, as well as special worship events such as Lent and Advent, engaging youth and young adults towards leadership opportunities
• Plan, engage, invite, and lead youth on transformative camp and retreat experiences • Seek to be informed about any special victories, concerns, or challenges, being faced by the youth or young adult and his or her family and, as often as reasonable, pass
information on to the youth leaders and pastors for personal follow up
• Be available for youth and young adults and their families as needs arise for pastoral care and support

Develop and Oversee Volunteer Youth Ministry and Young Adult Ministry Teams • Recruit and build a team of weekly volunteers for youth and young adult ministries • Ensure all weekly youth ministry volunteers complete an application, child safety screening and training before they become involved
• Meet personally with each ministry volunteer at least once a year and check in with them at least quarterly
• Provide quarterly training for all youth and young adult ministry volunteers • Oversee the work of the volunteer youth and young adult ministry teams • Develop strategy, to be implemented by volunteer youth ministry and young adult ministry teams, for integrating youth and young adults in the life of the church

Communication and Administration • Provide consistent communication with the church staff, particularly the Associate Pastor of Christian Formation and Community Outreach, as well as the congregation as a
whole, to keep them informed of the priorities and programs of the youth and young
adult ministries
• Determine curriculum for Sunday and Wednesday teaching times • Attend youth and young adult ministry major events enthusiastically, thanking volunteers, helping with clean up, and enjoying afterglow with key volunteers and youth/young adult
• Plan logistics and budget for camps, retreats, and similar activities • Work with the Children, Families and Youth team to prepare an annual budget for the Youth and Young Adult Ministries to be proposed to the Finance Team
• Keep abreast of current trends, philosophies, etc. with respect to youth and young adult ministries via books, webinars, newsletters, etc.

Personal Development • Live out the values of the First Presbyterian Church of Santa Barbara and be supportive and enthusiastic about pursuing its mission and goals
• Take a weekly Sabbath for rest and renewal • Pursue personal spiritual renewal via books, webinars, discipleship programs, etc. • Attend at least one week of continuing education each year (funding provided by First Presbyterian Church of Santa Barbara)

Relationships Relates to the Associate Pastor of Christian Formation and Community Outreach as direct
supervisor, the Pastor as head of staff, other staff persons, the Children, Families, and Youth
Team of Session, and the congregation at large

Evaluations Performance review will be completed periodically

Qualifications • Ability to equip and teach youth, young adults, and adults • Experience working with youth and an understanding of the developmental stages through early, mid, and late adolescence, and God’s message of love throughout
• Ability to lead youth and young adults into the practice of worship. Musical ability a plus • A bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university, with experience in or commitment to furthering theological education
Personal Qualities
• Love for Jesus Christ and a deep maturity in faith, with a desire to inspire and lead others into the gifts of Christian faith
• A desire to live with passionate discipleship to Jesus Christ in the PC(USA) faith tradition • Understanding of and commitment to best practices with respect to meeting with and engaging minors

First Presbyterian Church of Santa Barbara

This summer we celebrate 150 years of ministry to the central coast. The core of our ministry seeks to serve our local community through outreach programs to our neighbors without homes, mission engagement locally and globally, partnership with dozens of community assistance groups, disaster relief with the RedCross, and a consistent legacy of Reformed Christian worship, education, and discipleship formation.

As we reflect on our past and look to the future, we’re building on the richness of our traditions, growing and adapting our ministries to meet the needs of today’s families, individuals, and students. Today at FPCSB, we have a strong early childhood program and a thriving kids ministry. To help reach the next generation, we’re prayerfully seeking a new team member who can deliver on a vision to expand and grow our ministry to youth and young adults.

So, we are posting a new role: Minister to Youth and Young Adults, and we prayerfully seek an individual committed to developing, implementing, and serving our Junior-High to College ministries.