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We're located at 4210 Proctor Rd, Sarasota, FL 34233

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This is a job in…

  • Youth / Student Ministry
  • Children's Ministry
  • Music/Worship Ministry

Our church…

  • is Baptist (Southern)
  • has an average worship attendance of 80

Job at Bee Ridge Baptist Church

Student / Youth Pastor

Job Description

Bee Ridge Baptist Church is looking for part-time, energetic, Student/Youth Pastor, who is willing to invest 60 hours a month developing our children’s and youth programs. A recent college grad is preferred. New music, new programs, and change should be a part of this person’s mind-set. This person should be computer-savvy, creative, and teachable. This candidate should be open to a mentoring relationship with members who are currently working with the church’s children and youth. The ideal candidate should be a risk-taker and willing to provide high energy to make our program successful.

Our Purpose: To attract and win people to Christ; to help them develop Christian
lifestyles; to equip, encourage and empower them for the ministries God has purposed and gifted them to share.

The compensation package, which includes a completely remodeled, 3 bedroom house, is approximately $31, 000.00 per year. (See Section II).

Position Title: Student/Youth Pastor
Reports to: Lead Pastor
Supervises: N/A

Duties and Responsibilities
(NOTE: The listing of the position duties and responsibilities are not necessarily inclusive for this position. The omission of specific statements does not preclude assignment to the position of specific duties not listed herein if such duties are a logical assignment to the position.)

A. Responsibilities
1. Study, prepare and teach student including Middle School and High School aged youth.
2. Select and equip student teachers.
3. Enlist and equip adult and student leaders.
4. Meet with Youth Council for planning a calendar of events.
5. Prepare individual teens as well as adults to disciple others.
6. Counsel Students (individual counseling must be done with another adult (male or female respectfully) present
7. Develop and implement a follow-up program for absent students.
8. Improve and administrate Sunday morning program; while developing teachers.
9. Maintain resources for Bible material to help students with personal devotions and discipleship.
10. Prepare and delegate leadership of special events, upcoming events (i.e. MS/HS Retreat, Summer camp, Super Bowl Bash, Disciple Now, Concerts, 30 Hour Famine, Ministry Opportunities, missions, etc.)
11. Prepare and follow a budget for the youth programs. Budget will be approved by the Finance committee.
12. Communicate with students our purpose and bible studies. Cultivate prospects and students by; phone, welcome letters, birthday cards and home visits.
13. Visit, call or send cards to students who are sick or hospitalized.
14. Communicate with parents (i.e. monthly newsletter & parent/student gatherings, social media etc.)
15. Perform other duties as assigned by the Lead Pastor.

B. Talents and Traits
1. Demonstrated leadership skills
2. Instructional skills in teaching The Bible.
3. Demonstrated competence in the areas of administration, pastoral care and church ministries.
4. Able to prioritize tasks, deal effectively with competing and changing priorities.
5. Good verbal and written communication skills and interpersonal skills to interact professionally and effectively.
6. Able to adapt to the changing needs of students and God’s direction.

C. Knowledge and Experience
1. Must become an active and involved member of Bee Ridge Baptist Church.
2. Appropriate and successful experience in the areas of:
i. Administration
ii. Pastoral Care
iii. Church ministries

D. Must have a clear conversion experience and a deep commitment to Jesus Christ.
1. Has a clear calling from God to be a Youth Pastor.
2. Obedient – Desiring to love Jesus through a surrendered life.
3. An ongoing commitment to study of the Scripture, faithfulness in prayer and continuously seeking God’s will in their if and the life of the church body.
4. Ability to write and implement lesson plans.
5. Music abilities and talent to lead worship preferred.
  SECTION II - Compensation
Salary and included benefits will be determined during the budget process. Recommendation for annual salary shall be made by the Personnel Committee to the Finance Committee. After budget compilation, the salary shall be recommended to and approved by the Church Council and the Church Body.
Compensation breakdown estimate:
Category Dollar Amount
Rent: $1700
Electric: $100
Utilities: $65
Cable/Internet: $100
Salary: $600
Total: $2565 per month

Hours breakdown estimate:

Wk. 1&3 hours   Wk. 2&4 hours

Wednesday 3 3
Saturday 8 0
Sunday 8 8
Weekly Total: 19 11
Monthly Total: 38hrs 22hrs

Total Yearly Compensation:
Salary: $30,780
Hours: ~720
Approximate hourly compensation: $42.75

Apply for the position of Student/Youth Pastor by completing the following:

A: Create a video answering the following questions:
1. Testimony including your calling.
2. How would you handle conflict with youth as well as adults?
3. Leading teenagers is unique, what challenges and traits stand out to you and how will you lead teens differently than those younger than them.
4. What goals do you have in 5 years?
5. Introduce your family.

B: Submit your resume:
1. Include in subject Line: Search Committee: Student/Youth Pastor
2. Email: [email protected]

Bee Ridge Baptist Church

Our Purpose: To attract and win people to Christ; to help them develop Christian
lifestyles; to equip, encourage and empower them for the ministries God has purposed and gifted them to share.

Bee Ridge Baptist Church
4210 Proctor Rd, Sarasota, FL 34233
Phone: (941) 924-1133 [email protected]