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We're located at 1 E. 22nd St., Atlantic, IA

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Job at Atlantic Evangelical Free Church

We're seeking an associate pastor of student & worship ministries who wants to serve Christ in a small community, relates well w/ students & families, & is committed to developing/discipling leadership teams that work w/ our student & worship ministries.

Job Description

Evangelical Free Church of Atlantic
Job Description

JOB TITLE: Associate Pastor of Student & Worship Discipleship

REPORTS TO: Senior Pastor

EXEMPT STATUS: Full-time Exempt


The Pastor of Student & Worship Discipleship will help people of all ages grow as disciple-making disciples of Jesus. The Pastor’s primary disciple-making focus will be the Student Ministries of the church. The Pastor will also engage in other disciple-making ministries according to his gifts and the needs of the church body, with particular focus on Worship-Related Ministries.


Student Discipleship

 The Pastor of Student & Worship Discipleship will lead and direct the church’s ministry to youth in grades 6 through 12 for the purpose of helping students grow as authentic disciples of Jesus Christ.  The Pastor will be available to assist and advise appropriate lay leaders in carrying out the church’s discipleship ministries to elementary-age children.

Worship Discipleship

 The Pastor of Student & Worship Discipleship will work with other church leaders to prepare and lead worship services and to cast a vision for Biblical, Christ-centered, God-glorifying worship.  The Pastor will develop and equip worship leaders, teams and ministries in the congregation.

Congregational Discipleship

 The Pastor will be available to assist with growth groups, counseling, visitation, weddings, funerals, and general pastoral care as needed and time allows.


 Middle School and High School: Regularly lead engaging, Christ-centered, discipleship-oriented meetings for the church’s Middle and High School Youth Groups.  Scope & Sequence: Develop and implement a comprehensive discipleship plan for youth that intentionally engages key areas of Biblical knowledge and practice.  Team Development: Build and encourage a team of youth ministry volunteers who will invest in student’s lives in partnership with the Pastor and the students’ parents and care-givers.  Fellowship: Plan, promote and implement regular social activities for the purpose of facilitating Christian fellowship and encouragement among the church’s youth.  Outreach: Plan, promote and implement appropriate bridge-building events that help youth share the Good News with their unsaved friends and family members.  Service: Cast a vision for and facilitate Christ-centered service locally, regionally and globally.  Special Opportunities: Recommend and promote Christian camps, mission trips, conferences and other ministry/growth opportunities that are appropriate for the youth of the church.  Assimilation: Initiate relationships with new church families, making sure that children in grades 6-12 are personally invited to youth group and parents are informed about youth group opportunities.  Parental Support: Equip and encourage parents in critical areas of Biblical parenting.  Sunday School: Teach Sunday School classes as appropriate, with focus on Middle and High School.
 Awana: Be available as a resource for advising the Awana program.  Community Engagement: Participate in school and community youth events as appropriate.  Finance: Manage the youth ministry budget and facilitate appropriate youth-led fund-raising projects to supplement the cost of youth activities.


 Music & Worship Arts: Work with appropriate church leaders to develop the church’s worship ministries, including but not limited to vocal, instrumental, Scripture reading, drama, and technical support.
 Team Development: Recruit and equip God’s people to participate in the worship ministries of the church.  Worship Services: Participate in leading Sunday worship services as part of the church’s worship ministry, in accordance with his gifting and abilities.  Preaching: Preach occasionally (approximately 4-5 times per year) in coordination with the Senior Pastor.  Pastoral Care: Assist the Senior Pastor and others in the pastoral care ministry of the church, as appropriate.
 Meetings: Participate in the Worship Leadership Team, and attend other church meetings as requested.


 Character: The Pastor must be a person of irreproachable character (1 Tim. 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9) who is sound in faith and doctrine and who is qualified to teach the Word of God.  Prayerfulness: The Pastor must be committed to prayerfully depending on the Holy Spirit in both his professional and personal life.  Agreement: The Pastor must be in full accord with the Statement of Faith and Philosophy of Ministry of the church, and must be willing to perform his duties in accordance with the church’s Constitution and Bylaws.  Leadership: The Pastor will be able to encourage and equip disciples of Jesus to participate in the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20) and to live out the Great Commandment (Matt. 22:37-40).  Discernment: The Pastor will maintain appropriate personal boundaries in his relationships with youth and ministry volunteers.  Teachable: The Pastor will be open to instruction and willing to cultivate an attitude of Christ-like humility in his interactions with youth, parents and church leadership.  Knowledge: The Pastor will be a life-long learner. He will possess significant knowledge of ministry needs and processes for carrying out the ministries with which he is charged.  Education: The Pastor shall have earned at least a bachelor’s degree from a Bible college or have equivalent ministry experience.  Professional Credential: The Pastor will be licensed or ordained with the Evangelical Free Church of America, or willing to pursue the licensure/ordination process prescribed by the EFCA.


The Pastor of Student & Worship Discipleship will meet annually with the Senior Pastor to mutually review this job description and any goals that have been established to advance its fulfillment. This job description may be changed or adjusted by mutual agreement of the Associate Pastor, the Senior Pastor and the Board of Elders.

Atlantic Evangelical Free Church

Our purpose is to glorify God by making disciple-making disciples who love God, obey His commands, build up one another in the faith, and bear witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Atlantic, Cass County and the world.