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We're located at 175 Luxomni Rd., Lilburn, GA 30047

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  • Youth / Student Ministry

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  • is Baptist

Job at Luxomni Baptist Church

Looking for a Youth "TRANSFORMER"

Job Description

We are looking for an innovative and energetic individual to build our youth program. We've got a handful of young people, but we really haven't effectively reached the community around the church. We want to see the teens in our community find Jesus, make Him their Savior and Lord, and then to grow to be disciple-makers themselves. That means we are looking for a person who likes challenges, and isn't a quitter, but rather is passionate about reaching the lost. If you have a great work ethic, and you're a self starter you'll do well here. We're looking for a person of integrity who is crazy in love with Jesus, who allows the Holy Spirit to guide and direct their life. If I've just described you, then you just might be the person we're looking for. We will be praying together, strategizing together, and building each other up in Christ, oh, and by God's Grace changing our world.

The church's name "Luxomni" means a "Light that shines everywhere." That's what we want to be! If you want to be that too, you might fit very well here. Contact me, I'm Warren Was (Yes, that really is my name!), and I'm the senior pastor at Luxomni. If I've described you, we need to talk. Phone or text me at 4044517353 or email me at [email protected]

Luxomni Baptist Church

We are a church that is seeking to impact our community with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our community has changed over the years, and now resembles a cross section of the world's population. We are looking for ways to create within our church a picture of what Heaven will look like, with every tribe, race, and cultural heritage represented. One body united in Christ eager to transform the lives of those The Lord Jesus brings our way.
We are not the traditional Southern Baptist church, but we do preach The Word of God without compromise, and emphasize the growing and building aspects of the truth. We are a fellowship where all age groups enjoy being together. We are like a family. The wounded that come our way are cared for, and the broken are restored. We tell people all the time, "God is crazy about you!"