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I live in Fountain, MN, and am willing to relocate.

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I would like to work in…

  • Youth / Student Ministry
  • Family Ministry
  • Young Adult / College Ministry

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  • Unspecified

Ben Carlson's résumé

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As reflected on my resume, I have many skills that highlight most qualifications and responsibilities with 10 years of experience in ministry. I excel at administration, developing a scope and sequence for teaching, planning and implementation of a calendar of events, develop and implantation of a budget, plan and execute short term missions’ trips and retreats, active in FCA, equipping of leaders and volunteers, leadership development, contact work, internship coaching, partnering with parents, teachers, as well as communicating mission, vision and strategy to students, parents and volunteers.

I am also a very big Orange Thinker. I have led and equipped leaders to Think Orange and to Lead Small.

I have recruited, trained and equipped volunteers across all platforms and spearheaded creating multiple new volunteer positions and job descriptions in which I casted vision to leadership and staff, and trained the staff and volunteers. I have led many workshops as well as one big on-boarding event for new and seasoned volunteers’ teams each year. I have leveraged the volunteer team leads to think outside the box regarding how they approach recruiting, creating a fun, caring and attractional environment. I also am a big advocate for the Zero Recruiting model in volunteering.


Crossroads College, Rochester Mn, 2008-2013
Double Major: General Ministries & Biblical Thought and Theology Degree


• Plan and lead weekly large and small group experiences • Recruit, equip and deploy adult small group leaders for weekly experiences • Communicate and implementation of a lead small and small groups culture • Plan/Lead Missions and outreach events • Oversee student ministry interns • Create and develop a budget • Communicate weekly with parents, students, and small group leaders using weekly emails, texts and social media • Proficient in MailChimp, GSuite, Dropbox, Hootsuite, CCB, ProPresenter 6 and Planning Center • Communicate a unified strategy to staff, congregation, parents and students

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