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I live in Jacson, TN, and am willing to relocate.

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I would like to work in…

  • Youth / Student Ministry

I would like to work at a…

  • Assembly of God church
  • Presbyterian (EPC) church
  • Presbyterian (PCA) church
  • United Methodist church
  • Non-denominational church

Christian Hesling's résumé

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Youth Pastor with over 6 years of experience in a variety of church and para-church ministries situated in different regions of the country including Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Tennessee.


Professional Experience:

  1. Youth Pastor at Jackson First United Methodist Church: July 2016 - Current
    o Currently serving as Lead Youth Pastor at Jackson First UMC in Jackson, TN. Responsibilities include coordinating and overseeing weekly youth ministry programs, recruiting and training adult volunteers, and coordinating/executing annual events and mission service trips. Also fulfilled the role of Programming Director for the ministry’s annual ecumenical youth church camp.

  2. Wyldlife Ministry Leader: Aug 2014-May 2016
    o Wyldlife is a para-church ministry for middle school students (affiliated with Young Life). Served as a Ministry Leader in West Philadelphia region for two years during the latter half of my college career. Responsibilities included coordinating youth nights, executing youth ministry program, and serving as a camp counselor during summer camp outings.

  3. Youth Ministry Intern at Red Rocks Youth: June 2014-August 2014
    o Served as an intern at Red Rocks Church (a mega-church) in the Denver-metro Colorado area during the summer of 2014. Responsibilities included assisting in development of ministry program nights, coordinating and executing summer events and camps, and giving sermons at both of the youth ministry campuses. Also served as a coordinator for the Sunday School program.

  4. YACHT Ministry Leader: Jan 2013-May 2014.
    o Served on the leadership team as a Ministry Leader in Eastern University’s YACHT (Youth against Complacency and Homelessness Today) ministry during the first two years of my undergraduate career. The YACHT ministry is a dual ministry geared toward serving homeless individuals in Philadelphia through food services and outreach, and by providing educational and informative opportunities to students on campus regarding homelessness in Philadelphia.

  5. Youth Ministry Intern at the Christian Life Center: Summers of 2013, and 2015.
    o Served as a Youth Ministry intern at my home church in New London, Pennsylvania for two summers. During the summer of 2013, my responsibilities included coordinating summer ministry events, outreaches, and promotions. During the summer of 2015, I was given full leadership responsibility of weekly programs, summer youth ministry events, outreach, and discipleship initiatives.

  6. Interim Worship Leader at Union Presbyterian Church: April 2013 – August 2013
    o Served as an interim worship leader at Union Presbyterian Church in Quarryville, PA. Responsible for coordinating the musical elements of our Sunday morning services, coordinating practices, providing opportunities for team training and development, and ultimately leading the congregation in worship through song.



  1. Bachelors of Arts in Youth Ministry; Bachelors of Arts in Biblical Studies, Eastern University, Wayne, Pennsylvania. (Graduated Magna Cum Laude, May 2016).

  2. Masters of Arts in Youth Ministry, Memphis Theological Seminary, Center for Youth Ministry Training Graduate Residency Program, Brentwood, Tennessee. (Expected graduation: May 2019).


Youth Ministry Leadership
Public Speaking
Worship Ministry
Leadership Training
Program/Event Management

Additional information

Awards and Professional Certificates:

Biblical Studies Award awarded by Biblical Department at Eastern University (Acquired in May 2016).
Youth Mental Health First Aid Certified (Acquired in March 2019).


• Reverend Sky McCraken (Pastor of First United Methodist Church in Jackson TN and former district superintendent of the Purchase district in the United Methodist Church). o Email: [email protected]
o Phone: (270) 210-7743

• Dietrich Kirk (Executive director of the Center for Youth Ministry Training in Brentwood, TN). o Email: [email protected]
o Phone: (615) 218-8205

• Jim Hinkle: (Mentor and Youth Ministry Coach for the Center for Youth Ministry Training). o Email: [email protected]
o Phone: (901) 634-2903