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I live in Dallas, Texas , and am willing to relocate.

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I would like to work in…

  • Youth / Student Ministry
  • Assistant/Associate pastor

I would like to work at a…

  • Non-denominational church

Jacob Salguero 's résumé

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To make Jesus the Priority


Encourager Church / Assistant Youth Pastor / Youth Creative Director
8/15/15 -8/15/18, Houston , Texas
My responsibility during this time period was everything from Administration, Budgets, Worship Leading, Worship Coordinating, This Time was spent with me teaching multiple ages, Starting with leading our middle school congregation a diverse group of students of many ages and cultures. While I was studying in Dallas I would spend my off seasons at the church maintaining my duties. Preaching , One on one, and media were also some of my responsibilities
Spent time running and boosting their Instagram and Facebook the Instagram can be seen as @encourageryouth
Hope City Dallas / Youth Creative Pastor
8/20/17 - 11/20/17
In this season of my life which was a short one, I worked with a great friend of mine who had me handle the responsibilities of everything creative in the youth, from media to worship and preaching I spent majority of my time crafting those skills in this time. This season was short because the youth pastor who hired moved to a different position in a different church. This time was rewarding to me because of the responsibilities that I never had before were sharpened and gained a passion for the creative . Covenant Life Church / Youth Pastor / Social media Director
8/22/18- Present, North Richland Hills, Texas
My current position I am holding is the office of a youth pastor, in this position I do everything from managing my staff and doing a service and running a great experience for the students of North Richland Hills ,These students deserve the absolute best, and it’s my privilege to bring them an experience to bring people to Christ! This season of my life I got the opportunity to grow the youth grow that was practically gone , when my team and I went to the city and from every nook and cranny we had the opportunity to bring students who never been in a church to our service to experience Jesus!
I run our whole social media department and also media for the church. I also have ran our own Instagram for the youth as @thrivenrh

Kessler Baking Studio / Social Media Marketer
Posting stories, editing photos and creating content for more engagement for @kesslerbakingstudio took the page from 9k to 17.9k followers.


Christ For The Nations / Practical Ministry Degree
08/16 -5/19 Dallas,Texas

Studying for three years on theology, practical ministry and also personal discipleship. I studied the pastoral major which took me through classes like “Team Ministry”, “Doctrine of the local church”. This three years God developed me and gave me strengths

Spring Woods High School / High School Diploma
08/12 - 05/16 Houston, Texas


Skilled in photography, videography and graphic design
Communication and Preaching
Great at community outreach and evangelism.
Great at team building and leadership building.

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