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I live in Pittsburgh, PA, and am willing to relocate.

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I would like to work in…

  • Youth / Student Ministry
  • Assistant/Associate pastor
  • Family Ministry
  • Young Adult / College Ministry

I would like to work at a…

  • Baptist church
  • Presbyterian church
  • Non-denominational church

John Gregory Parks's résumé

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I am looking for a full-time ministry opportunity; as the Lord leads.



Duquesne University


           While Youth Pastor at Bethesda, I converted a basement space into a youth area, “Aslan’s Den.” I was blessed to have televisions, computers, vcr/dvd players, a pool table, and furniture donated.
I build a stage, had local Christian bands and karaoke nights. The club was open Saturday nights. I
would like to work with, and mentor a Youth Pastor. 
           Other nights it was used to host other church events; such as, Bible studies, men/women’s groups, etc. 
           Depending on the space you have access too, this could be a future project.             I have done, food, clothing and toy drives in the past. Also, possible outreach programs.             I have led missionary support drives in my past church positions.             I have created church bulletins, corresponded with visitors, and other organizations in a church administer capacity. 
           One future project I would like to tackle, again based on church space accessibility would be a weekly, “Bible and Brew Coffee House.” Ideally, on day a week, possibly Friday, we would open from
6am-10am sell coffee and (donated) donuts and share the Word with our guests. 
           Another project could have Sally leading a Pilates class for seniors. Her story, faith, and dedication would be an inspiration for seniors, or disabled attendees. 
.             In the past I have been active in visiting the local schools, and working with the local police and volunteer fire departments 
             These are just a few of the projects that I would like to implement as an outreach to our members and community. Every opportunity is an opportunity to share the Good News. 

Additional information

Dear Search Committee; 
I am applying for the leadership position posted on I have a strong faith, a hunger to
reach the lost, a calling to be in ministry, a burning desire to make the local church relevant to the
community, and the real world experience to personally share God’s word without judging a person, or
their circumstances.   
I have experience as a chaplain with Via Quest Hospice, a teacher at Wilson Christian Academy,
a Young Life youth leader, a special education aid at McKeesport High School, a Youth Pastor at
Bethesda Presbyterian Church, a volunteer Assistant Pastor at South Park Baptist Church and had a
non-profit organization that I use for various outreaches. I believe that my life experience coupled with
my time as police officer, manager, coaching, and counseling work with the disabled would make me a
valuable addition to your team. 
My fiancé had a devastating stroke several years ago, died twice, and is now recovering. We have had
a couple of scares over the years, but overall, she is doing amazingly well. I recently was diagnosed
with aggressive form of prostate cancer, had surgery, and am now healthy. I have been working with
a group of patients and families every Wednesday in Ohio, after my wife’s rehabilitation session, that
have been paralyzed, had strokes, or some other type of life changing event. 
I understand fully that a person’s circumstances can change in an instant. We do not have insight into
someone’s story until we talk to them and get to know them. We live in a hurting word, and people
are looking for answers. We need to reach out to the hurting, confused, lonely, lost, and show them
Christ’s love. 
I can start immediateIy, and would welcome the opportunity to join your team. I have been praying for
an opportunity to return to full-time ministry, and am hoping that is an answer to that prayer. 
God Bless. 
John Gregory Parks