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I live in Battle Creek, MI, and am willing to relocate.

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I would like to work in…

  • Youth / Student Ministry

I would like to work at a…

  • Baptist church
  • Bible Church church
  • Non-denominational church

Preston Hoxworth's résumé

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My name is Preston Hoxworth and I am interested in apply for a Youth Ministry position at a Local Church.


I have been a part of many different ministries targeted at Students. For my first year of college I was a youth leader at a local church in Chicago ministering to inner-city students. I spent two different summers serving as a camp counselor at a Christian camp called Camp Barakel. For another summer I was an intern at a local church in Battle Creek Michigan who was directly helping to oversee the student ministries. For this previous semester I have been an intern at the same church not only helping to oversee the youth ministry but also helping to administrate the entire church.


In May of 2020 I will graduate from the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts of Pastoral Ministry with an Interdisciplinary in Youth Ministry. This major gave me a biblical background to approach pastoral ministry in the context of youth ministry. My major helped me to determine what is the most biblical way to approach youth ministry as a pastor.


I have a great love to be able to teach God's Word. I have much experience in preaching and teaching from God's Word to an audience of no fewer than 300 congregants.

I love to build relationships with those that I am ministering with and also ministering too.

I have learned how to think quick on my feet in high stress situations to be able to have the best possible outcome.

I can manage conflict very effectively.

Additional information

I ask you to pray for me as I look to go into a life of ministry and seek to fulfill the Great Commission in my own life. For a much more detailed resume and list of references please email me at [email protected]