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I live in Overland Park, KS, and am willing to relocate.

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I would like to work in…

  • Youth / Student Ministry

I would like to work at a…

  • Baptist (Southern) church
  • Bible Church church
  • Christian and Missionary Alliance (CMA) church
  • Presbyterian (PCUSA) church
  • Non-denominational church
  • Other church

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My passion is to teach students God's word, grow their faith, and help them learn to evangelize and make disciples - while preparing students for the difficulties past high school.


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A.A., Graphic Design


Additional information

Diving right in, God has given me the terrific blessing over the last 10 years to work with youth and teach them the Word as it is written. He has given me a unique ability to connect, effectively teach, and build relationships that has allowed students to trust me and open up to me with questions about the Bible and how it relates to their lives (including being able to discuss today’s hot-button topics). I have found that God has been able to use me for His kingdom because of my genuine love for teaching and interacting with youth. As a result the students understand that I truly care, and gravitate towards me as not just a youth leader but also as someone they can trust.

I am able to connect with just about any student. I feel that the experiences God provided for me in my life allows me to understand students of all kinds. Growing up I went from being a quiet, sometimes painfully shy kid to an athletic, outgoing, servant-leading youth in my own high school youth group. Popularity was never my goal, but the confidence that I was able to find through my salvation in Christ made it possible for me to relate to and interact with classmates that ranged from not popular at all to very popular and I believe those experiences and my understanding of everyone’s desire to feel included still helps me connect with students. I haven’t lost the understanding of what it means to be a youth, like many adults seem to do.

The students that I work with today at their core are no different and are at all levels. The students that I have built a strong bond with that I know have a solid foundation in Christ - I challenge them to grow through daily devotion and prayer and I challenge them to stand out in their environments, to not be status quo, and to be disciples and evangelize to bring students in to church. I have also built strong bonds with students that need more nurturing. I do that by making sure I recognize them on Sunday mornings and include them. I continually remind them of Wednesday life groups, and send shout outs to them via social media. I also make sure to connect with “fringe” kids engaging them in how their week was, and if possible use social media for them as well. I don’t want any student left unnoticed and I’m well aware that it takes around 7 notices for students to feel cared for.

Outside of church I attend as many extra-curricular activities for the students as I can, games, concerts, plays, etc. Last year I started a study for 5th graders from our neighborhood school in hopes of bringing Jesus to the forefront, and feeding them into either our youth group or the one they might attend at their home church. In one single spring semester from just the 5th grade of our local elementary we had 17 students attend this study and averaged 12 each week. This year about 8 of them regularly attend our middle school youth group and others are involved in their own church.

Right about now you might realize that I am a high end leader/volunteer at my church and that I am not paid staff. Briefly I was paid to be a middle and high school youth pastor on a part-time basis at a different church while working a regular full-time job. I resigned this position after prayer as I did not feel I could effectively prepare at the level needed in part-time role while holding a full-time job. The hours and time I freely give now as a volunteer are a true blessing and I would absolutely love for it to be part of God’s plan for me to be part of a paid staff again at a church that is looking for an experienced adult leader who pours his heart out to the youth of today for God’s kingdom. I feel the experience I have over the last 10 years along with my love for Christ and my knowledge of the Word makes me a great candidate to be your next student pastor.

What I do have is several years of experience working with and leading youth/students at a mult-campus church (4 campuses). I have the personality, the desire, caring nature, connectivity, energy, and strong foundation in Christ, and many years of ideas and experiences from which to draw from to lead and grow a youth group. What I don’t have is a degree in ministry. I would be more than willing to get the degree while on the job, but I don’t have that as of now. It is my hope and prayer that perhaps your church will consider someone like me because I feel that I am called to work with youth in this capacity and I know that I have the desire and energy to do so along with real life experience leading students. As for budgets and planning I do coach a tournament baseball team that usually has a budget of approximately $15,000. Coaching a tournament team also requires schedule planning and communication with parents. The administration that goes into running a team like this is of great value. Attached is my youth leadership resume and references. I encourage calling them and inquiring about me as a youth leader!

I am happily married to my wife, Jessica (of 17+ years), and I have three kids of my own – Lukas 15, Claire 11, and Lauren 9. We are an active family involved in not only our church, but also in sports, and school activities. I have been coaching since 2006, baseball/softball, basketball, and 1 year of football, including facilitation of a tournament team that is active 10 months a year (e.g. of student/parent administration along with handling budget). My wife is active with both of my daughters in Girl Scouts, and usually is a room mom to one if not both. When my kids were younger she was involved in MOPS and was on the steering committee. She was also child care director at our past church for a while. Currently she works as a R.N. I am a graphic/web designer professionally (which I hope changes!) and have been for over 10 years. I wouldn’t mind including that skill for a church that hires me, but would like to be in youth ministry or similar ministry full time and design as an add-on if needed. With my youthful spirit, energetic drive, and experience I believe that I could come to your church and grow the youth in their foundation for Christ and if the population is there in numbers too, but first in depth of heart.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration and I pray that whether I am a candidate for your church or not that God will place the right leader in your staff for His Kingdom’s advance.