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I live in Wichita Ks, and am not willing to relocate.

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I would like to work in…

  • Youth / Student Ministry
  • Assistant/Associate pastor
  • Camp Ministry
  • Internship
  • Young Adult / College Ministry

I would like to work at a…

  • Church of the Nazarene church
  • Friends church
  • Non-denominational church

Dustin G Peterson's résumé

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Gods Story


This is Gods story below which I have learned a lot of lifestyle choices. I am being vulnerable right now and sometimes the truth hurts.

I grew up in the Nazarene background culture. My dad was the intern pastor of the Derby Church of the Nazarene. As a former child that grew up around the church and relying on my parents faith. I was not developing my personal growth with Jesus. That being said since I was a typical teenage boy and growing up in the church. I sought after relationships on dating girls and thought this would bring joy to my life. That being said the devil used rejection, failure and control for my daily life. When I was 16 I was already a victim of looking at porn. I started making unwise choices which led me down the path of being judgmental and handling the three areas the devil crafted his areas of trying to destroy my life. Since I was growing in the church setting I had a lot of knowledge about the Bible. Except, I was not seeking out the greatest relationship that was missing. The devil was crafty enough to use my judgments that I had towards sin and putting expectations on what sin was: don't drink don't do drugs and don't smoke. What I didnt know was that I would use these three habits as a coping mechanism of living life. It was around the time of the Chic-fila saga of Gay rights movement. I was 17 years old and was not fulfilling the missing void I held so deeply was seeking relationships. Since I knew deep down I liked women I had a discuss and hatred also to those that would seek homosexuality. I remember my mom asking what do you think about this Chic-Fila movment. Since I was only 17 my rational was not all that great. I stated they needed to go to a mental rehab facility. When I turned 18 and since I was a creature of habit looking at porn I got caught up in gay porn. Except my rational was "its a normal guy thing. Since my hatred was so high I couldnt cope so I turned to smoking trying to live myself. This cyle continued for 10 years it grew to the point I was doing drugs and working two jobs. Yes it even ended with prostitution. I was 26 years old away from home. I called my parents and said I needed to come home. 2 months goes by and I was in a behavorial health studies program. My passion to this day is the Love of Christ and my obsession, work ethic and stubborness is aligning with Gods values.


Butler County Degree Liberal Arts.


Work Experience
Wal-Mart Overnight Stocker (Full-Time) 2015-Present
• 6 months Department Manager • Knowing on hand changes and shrink merchandise. • Checking out of dates and marking down items along with facing the department. • Working bins daily making sure items where in stock. • Ordering feature and feature to home

Price Chopper (Full-Time) 2013-2015
• Scanning in Dairy truck
• Responsible for the movement stocking the truck alone and working the freight.
• Checking out of dates and marking down items along with facing the department.

Wal-Mart Overnight Stocker and Cashier (Full-Time) 2011-2013
• Provided Front End Service to Customers at the Cash Register • Knowledgeable on working with a Telxon and binning items in warehouse • Managed Inventory by stocking: maintaining shelves in Frozen Dairy, Grocery and chemical dept. • Help train new associates with experience I also had.

Dillion’s Grocery Store 2006-2011
• Worked as a Self-Checkout Manager which included the following: o Trained Customers to self-check
o Ensured self-check balances at end of day
o Supervised the front end operations as required
• Cashier o Customer service representative and managed cash revenue at end of day balance
o Trusted agent of cash asset
• Courtesy Clerk o Developed customer service skills
o Entry level job with customer involvement

Additional information

I have 10 + years working with people and fulfilling their needs of living.