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I live in Oakhurst, CA, and am willing to relocate.

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I would like to work in…

  • Youth / Student Ministry
  • Assistant/Associate pastor
  • Christian Education
  • Family Ministry
  • Young Adult / College Ministry

I would like to work at a…

  • Unspecified

Peter Koenen's résumé

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Interim Equipping Director
Sierra Vista Presbyterian Church; Oakhurst California 2015-2018
This position has both helped me to learn and allowed me great opportunities to teach. I have been able to explore new ways in which we can disciple the young people of our church. I have been working with the men’s and women's ministries, mid-week dinner, adult classes, one on one discipleship, and community involvement.

    Camp Pastor & Program Director  

Camp Oakhurst; Oakhurst California 2001-2003, 2015-Current
My ministry at Camp Oakhurst uniquely combined the role of a pastor with the day to day operations of the camp. The primary role of the camp pastor is the spiritual development of the staff through personal connection, group devotionals, and a corporate worship service.

    Young adult/discipleship pastor 

Sierra Pines Church; Oakhurst, California ( 2007-2012
At Sierra Pines I held various roles such as missions director, young adults leader and custodian. My time in ministry gave me these skills and showed me that they must be combined with a quality of character that is hospitable, empathetic, teachable, integral, bold and honest.

    Youth With a Mission School Leader 

Youth With a Mission; Paia Maui, Hawaii & Salem Oregon 2001-2007, 2014
As a missionary, and a leader of missionaries, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to see and do a great many things. My responsibilities included • organizing and leading small groups for overseas missions work • cross cultural group communications and group dynamics • discipleship • public speaking • multiple subject teaching • apologetic training • project development and organization.


KNOX THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY - Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Master of Arts in Christian and Classical Studies
Bachelors of Arts in Christian Ministry and Leadership, 2011.
Academy Courses: Old Testament Poetic and Prophetic Books, New Testament Books, Developing A Biblical Worldview. 2012, 2013. Internship, 2013.
Maui, Hawaii — School of Biblical Foundations and Missions, 2005.
Maui, Hawaii — Discipleship Training School, 2001.


Discipleship - My focus and passion for nearly 20 years now is how to make genuine disciples of Jesus Christ and equip them to be conversant with their culture.
Relationship Building - I am committed to creating healthy relationships within a group, the families represented by that group, their church and their community.
Bible Teaching - I have a high view of scripture and it place in the church community. I have taught the Bible for many years and in divers settings.
Communication - Being an effective communicator starts when you understand the people you are working with. I work hard to develop and learn better communication skills.

Outdoor Education - I have spent my life in the outdoors and have many skills related to outdoor education and team building

Additional information

Published Work: "Love Like a Crucifix" (Overboard Publishing 2016).