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I live in Newnan, GA, and am not willing to relocate.

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I would like to work in…

  • Children's Ministry
  • Family Ministry

I would like to work at a…

  • Baptist (Southern) church
  • United Methodist church

Charles Massey's résumé

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A Christian that believes that we are to mature as Christians from the cradle to the grave. Our focus in chuch has to start in the nursery. The health of any church is the children's ministry.


I have been involved in a Baptist Church Child Development Center, Supply Preached, Children and Youth Ministries, Discipleship Training, and many other ministries in the church. In these positions I dealt with the vision, mission, discipleship, outreach, training, budget, curriculum, finance, planning of events, connectivity, and meeting the needs of all ministries in the church. I felt I assisted in build the congregation emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. I also worked with mission and church plants to grow God's Kingdom.

As Director of Ministries, I had to recruit, train, and prepare volunteers to teach, serve, and make a difference. I started men’s and women’s conference, Bible Studies, wrote training for new Christians, training to mature Christians, and discipleship training, built a men’s ministry, built and led mission teams to go to Panama for church starts, help to assimilate people into church to use spiritual gifts, and booked special events for the church for outreach.

As Director of the CDC which include Preschool, I led a group of fine teachers to assist the parents in raising their children physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Our whole ministry was to allow the children to hear about Jesus and develop so they could thrive in the world today. This was also used in the church children program to continue the ministry of the CDC and continue the growth and nurturing of the children. This started with children from 6 months through 5th grade. I hired and selected volunteers and paid staff that wanted to see the children thrive physically, socially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


BS in Business/Finance
MA in Counseling


Administration, Leadership, Teaching, Exhortation, Shepherding, Discernment, Faith

Additional information

My objective is to serve the Lord with the skills & abilities that He has given me in a ministry setting. This allows me to use my desire for studying and teaching the Bible to disciple other believers. I am a creative, passionate, persistent, encouraging leader who is looking for a church that needs help in ministry. Have the ability to lead the church to grow deeper by providing kingdom leadership in the area of discipleship. God has designed each of us to influence the world in a way that no one else can. It’s crucial to discover and unleash our God-given influence in order to fulfill God’s purposes for our life. My desire is to see people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to disciple them in their relationship with Him. Then to continuously accomplish the Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15-16; Luke 24:45-48; John 20:21; and Acts 1:8, by telling and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Lost, while disciplining the Saved! Also, can provide high levels of competency in accounting and budget control and project management plus be responsible for comprehensive managerial leadership of all church operations and ministries. The church exists to worship God through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, to equip God's people through Biblical training, and to proclaim the gospel today.

Ministry Experiences (Paid and Volunteer)
• As Director of Ministries came long side the Senior Pastor providing leadership, support, and help move forward the vision, mission and growth of the church. Was instrumental in developing and assisting in maintaining a comprehensive spiritual growth strategy for staff, deacons, lay leaders, and members. • Have led a family ministry with responsibility for providing leadership in planning, conducting, and evaluating a Christ-centered ministry for Kindergarten through High School aged students and their families. Created an educational calendar to provide an expansion in programming and communication. Helped build a discipling culture among Children, Students (Middle School, High School, and College) Parents, Grandparents, and Leaders. Provided care and counseling for children and families within the church including personal visits and follow-up. • Served as the administrator of the child development center. Ensured compliance with the local, state and national ethical and legal requirements that come with directing a private school. Increased the enrollment by 20%. The motto was to allow children to thrive by developing them physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Certified by Bright from the Start as a Director. • As Church Administrator managed staff and oversaw the administration of the church while continuing the development of connections systems and groups ministry. Led all financial activities of the church, including budgeting, accounting, investing, and financial strategy. Led and managed five building campaigns. • As overseer of Discipleship developed and implemented the overall discipleship philosophy for the church. Cast the vision and helped to increase involvement for the adult in certain discipleship ministries (Adult Sunday School, Bible Studies, etc.). Maintained the church’s adult connection function. Oversaw the existing life group ministry, making sure that discipleship was at the core of this ministry. Expand the life group ministry by building teams, identifying, equipping, and training new leaders, and overseeing the formation of new groups. • As overseer of Evangelism encouraged people to explore and use their spiritual gifts; equipping leaders, volunteers and teams through training and support.
• Served as Youth Pastor having the privilege of leading and discipling teens of all ages, including both Jr and Sr High (6-12 grades). Organized opportunities for youth to grow and share their faith by teaching the Bible well on a rotating basis in various settings (small and large groups) while training and developing the youth to lead in a manner that is both challenging and caring. • Served as Children’s Pastor with responsibility for leading and organizing the Children’s (K-5) ministries. Was the champion for helping children take steps toward maturity in Christ? Emphasis was on Sunday School, Wednesday nights, Preschool, Special Events, and CDC by overseeing all programming and ministry for children ages birth – 5th grade, including Sunday mornings (1 Service), Wednesday night children’s programs, summer programming {Children’s Camp, V.B.S., outreach events (Back to School Bash, Easter Eggztravaganza, etc.)}, assisting children’s musical director, and prepared curriculum for each program and each age level. Developed a mentoring program to assist children and families to grow in their faith. Built Children Ministry budget. • Lead facilitator for the ministry areas directly related to the health of the church body in connecting, sharing, serving, and going. Developed and trained teachers, leaders, and volunteers for each educational group. This effort was for every man, woman and child to have a daily encounter with the Jesus. • Oversaw the altar process to ensure new believers, new to the church, and others were input into the new believers’ system to be able be enrolled in the appropriate next steps class. • Oversaw and ensured that appropriate safety and security procedures are in place and being followed. • Served as Coordinator of a mission and evangelism team to provide global leadership to the church in the areas of long-range planning and ministry coordination to promote effectiveness in reaching the lost and assimilating those who desired to follow Christ into discipleship programs. Led a group to assist with the establishment of 33 churches in Panama. Served on other mission projects in Kentucky, West Virginia, Honduras, Costa Rica, Korea, and local. • Set-up speakers, musical groups, retreats, summer camps, mission trips, summer programs, and a host of other programs and activities that was enjoyed by the church, other groups, and the lost and their families. Provided direction and oversight to all events and programming for the weekend services as well. • Written Bible Studies on Spiritual Gifts, Discipleship, New Members Training, Baptist Faith and Message, Kingdom Building, Discipline of Discipleship, and Church Revitalization (Act 2:42-47). • Started a Stephen Ministry to train volunteers on visitation and pastoral care to those hurting. • Led the effort to start a parking lot ministry. This ministry led to being able to assimilate new people from the parking lot to become fully connected members of the church. The assimilation allowed us to place them in our maturing Christian ministry, then to life groups and finally finding a place for them to serve.