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I live in La Porte, IN, and am willing to relocate.

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I would like to work in…

  • Youth / Student Ministry
  • Camp Ministry

I would like to work at a…

  • Presbyterian church
  • Presbyterian (PCUSA) church
  • Non-denominational church

Aaron Lickliter's résumé

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Director of Youth and Children’s Ministries at my church currently. I want to be a part of a ministry that is welcoming and provides a safe place for students to be themselves and learn about the God who loves them unconditionally.


Ministry Experience
Director of Children & Youth Ministries
The Presbyterian Church of La Porte - La Porte, IN 2017-2018
Youth ministry grew from 4-6 active members to 18-21 active students
Created and established a yearly calendar of events for the youth ministry
Delivered weekly children’s sermons and organized and picked curriculum for Children’s Church
Also taught Children’s Church during the summer to give volunteers a break
Facilitated a weekly children’s after school musical and bible learning program
Led and facilitated VBS for the congregation
Created a young adult focused ministry for our church
Youth Ministry Intern (full time summer internship)
Ashburn Presbyterian Church – Ashburn, VA (membership 250) 2015-2016
Taught, developed, and facilitated the high school and young adult bible study curriculum
created curriculum and started a ministry targeting College age students from scratch
Assisted in the development of middle school and high school age youth programs and activities
Planned and taught Children's sermons on Sunday mornings
Scheduled, organized, and completed fundraisers for high school mission trips
Planned and successfully attended middle school summer retreat at Ligonier youth camp
Lead Male Counselor
Lakeside Christian Camp – Pittsfield, MA Summers 2013-2014
Planned and facilitated Summer camp curriculum, daily schedule, and events
included daily cabin devos, all camp worship lessons, day camp trips, and extended stay camper trips
Recruited, interviewed, and hired camp counselors that were good fits for the designed program
Taught daily lessons to campers during all camp worship
Developed and facilitated bible study for all male staff members at camp (college and high school aged)
Camp Counselor
Lakeside Christian Camp – Pittsfield, MA Summer 2012
Provided oversight for a cabin of 16-20 middle school and elementary campers
Created and facilitated bible lessons twice a day
Planned and facilitated all recreational cabin activities


Class Standing: Senior by accreditation
History of Attendance: Messiah College, Pillar College
Major: Christian Ministries, Concentration: Youth Ministry
Relevant Courses: History of Christianity, Youth Ministry 1 & 2, Adolescent Psychology, Old Testament & New Testament Bible, Christian Theology, Life and Thought of Jesus
Participated and facilitated Bible studies in hall floor, amongst apartment mates, and during college small group ministries (the Loft team)


I love playing nearly all team sports, as well as golfing, fishing, and running. I grew up playing sports such as basketball, cross country and track in high school. Being outside is a source of joy and strength for me, I love sailing and anything involving being out on the water. I enjoy photography and engaging my God-given creativity in that way.

As the youngest member of full time staff at the Presbyterian Church of La Porte, there has been plenty asked of me. I play bass in the contemporary worship team and help pick music and organize band rehearsals. I also run sound and helped install a brand new sound board and set of amps in our sanctuary. I also am the driving force behind our renovated website and efforts to update our marketing strategies at our church on our marketing team. I also end up serving as the first option for any IT crisis we may experience at the church.

Additional information

As a young boy, I was brought up in a Christian home wracked by a secret addiction to alcohol. A home that despite addiction and lies was blessed by the loving example of what it means to be a husband, wife, mother, and father who are living a life pursuant of Christ. They have always led with an example of what it means to be a Christian and as a young man I accepted Christ as my Lord thanks in large part to their teaching. I made this decision after learning that we would be moving from my childhood home of Wheaton, Illinois to New Jersey, because even as a boy, I recognized the importance of involving your church family in this sort of decision.

As a young man, the youth ministry of my new church in New Jersey played a heavy role in providing a safe, welcoming environment for me to continue to learn and understand the nature of the commitment and implications of a relationship with God. As a young man in high school, as is so common with teenagers I was searching for where and how I fit into this life. I found that place at church, and even more so in youth group. I knew in my heart, and was reassured of this after a significant moment in the understanding of God’s plan in my life that I was called to serve His kingdom in a tangible way. It was not until my freshman year of college that God made it quite clear that I was called to minister in the same way that was so significant and forming in my own life. I continued to search after where God wanted me to serve. I was blessed with the opportunity to serve in a camp ministry setting which was beautiful and an enlightening experience, but God had something else planned for me, which is when God led me to congregational youth ministry. Here I have discovered the love that I have for the relationships that can be achieved with students in a year long setting.