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I live in Belem Brazil, and am willing to relocate.

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I would like to work in…

  • Youth / Student Ministry

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  • Non-denominational church

Josh Rowley's résumé

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MK/TCk looking to leave Brazil and work as a Youth Pastor


MK/TCK in belem Brazil 2012-2018

Stand in teacher for Calvary Chapel Amazon Valley
(I teach on Sundays when the pastor is out traveling)

Taught at an apologetics conference here in Brazil


Amazon Valley academy 2013-2017
John Brown University 2017-2017


Problem solving
Digital art
explaining through use of illustration

Additional information

As someone looking to be a youth pastor I want to be involved as a "big brother" figure in the lives of the teens. I'm not interested teaching them to be believers, but rather to be followers.
James 2:17 faith without works is dead. If I teach them simply to believe in Jesus and to believe the bible then I'm a failure as a teacher. I desire to teach teens apologetics and the bible so that they can have a firm foundation to build and share their faith.