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I live in Houston,Ms, and am willing to relocate.

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  • Youth / Student Ministry

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I am 19 and currently in my first year of a two year college program. I have spent years in my church youth group and I am hoping to be hired as a youth pastor or minister as I am very inspired work as a youth group leader. I have about a years experience being a leader in my local church youth group. I am not the current paid minister but I have been working closely with the current minister by helping her learn about the position. I may not have a lot of experience but I have a passion for youth ministry and I think I would make a great youth minister.


4 years of High School
Currently in a 2 year junior college program


Willingness to learn
Passion for working with youth
Passion for my faith and Christ
Great at public speaking

Additional information

Reverend Wilburn 662-983-0574
Reverend Linn Hughes 662-567-2973