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I live in Florence, SC, and am willing to relocate.

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I would like to work in…

  • Youth / Student Ministry
  • Music/Worship Ministry

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  • Non-denominational church

Corey Scarlett's résumé

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I am looking for a full-time Youth Pastor job, but I also offer many skills in music ministry!



Family Worship Center of Florence, SC Music Director (2011-2018) & Youth Pastor (2015-2018)

-Preached and planned weekly youth services for students in grades 6th - 12th
-Planned monthly events for youth and supported youth in the community by attending sports events and performances
-Communicated with parents, youth, and volunteers on a weekly basis to ensure successful services and events
-Led volunteer teams in youth group and music department and developed guidelines and policies for each group
-Instrumental in creating and executing an annual off-campus summer youth camp (Summer Surge Camp)
-Planned song services for adults, young adults, youth, and children’s ministries which included scheduling and communicating with volunteers, creating tracks and chord charts, and uploading resources on Planning Center
-Organized and oversaw multiple successful Christmas and Easter programs
-Taught bass guitar, guitar, and beginner’s piano using a curriculum through our music school
-Coached multiple church youth and children’s basketball teams
-Volunteered time, talent, resources, and abilities in other areas of the church as needed

LoopCommunity/Gospel Multitracks Producer (2016-current)

-Recreated and produced multitracks for praise and worship songs to be sold from their website for worship teams to use in their churches


Francis Marion University (2007-2011) Bachelor’s of Science in Management Information Systems



-Over four years of experience as a full-time youth pastor and over six years as a volunteer youth worker
-Great preacher who is able to give sound, Biblical sermons in a relatable and practical way
-Excellent leadership skills with both adults and youth
-Strong organizational and planning skills for creative and exciting youth services
-Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
-Outstanding interpersonal skills
-Ability to organize on-campus and off-campus activities and events
-Strong emphasis on implementing policies to protect the youth and the church from danger and liability
-Able to create original graphics for the youth ministry
-Able to manage multiple social media profiles for the youth group
-Great at database organization (Planning Center, CCB, Breeze, Excel, Numbers, Access, etc…)


-Over six years of experience as a full-time music director
-Excellent bass guitar player with over fifteen years of experience
-Great piano player with the ability to play in all keys and follow a pastor/worship leader in spontaneous song
-Great tenor vocalist who is able to sing and play at the same time
-Proficient understanding of music theory
-Able to learn and teach songs in detail to every band member and run an efficient and organized practice or rehearsal
-Able to write accurate and detailed chord charts and sheet music by ear
-Able to setup and run multitracks for a worship service (Ableton Live, Logic Pro & more)
-Able to create original multitracks by recording and programming instruments
-Great teacher for bass, guitar, and piano  

-Experienced in mixing live sound (Midas Pro Series, Behringer X32 & more) as well as setting up equipment such as speakers, microphones, and instruments

-Many years of experience in songwriting, arranging, producing, mixing and mastering for live and studio recordings 

Additional information

MINISTRY OBJECTIVE To work as a youth pastor towards teaching, inspiring, and discipling middle and high school students to grow closer to and do more for God and to use my God-given musical talents and abilities to assist and/or lead a successful, organized, and sincere music and worship ministry.

References, sermon videos, worship videos, and music production samples are available by request.

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