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I live in Pittsburgh, PA, and am willing to relocate.

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I would like to work in…

  • Youth / Student Ministry
  • Young Adult / College Ministry

I would like to work at a…

  • Non-denominational church
  • Other church

Tyler Clapsaddle's résumé

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I am looking for a full-time position in a growing and loving church.


Designed and developed programs for both Junior & Senior high students
Planned and executed all gatherings and classes for all ages weekly
Met with 10 students monthly, all elders and adult volunteers regularly
Organized trips, retreats and events for both Junior and Senior high
Created and developed a Youth group on a Branch Campus
Began meeting with leaders and students to develop a Young Adults ministry Developed outreach events, church advertisements and miscellaneous programs


Bachelor of Arts in Student Ministry from Geneva College
December 2017


• Leadership • Management • Honesty & Integrity • Responsibility • Empathetic Listener • Adaptability • Planning • Organization • Problem-solving • Technology & A/V • Relational • Decision Making • Self-motivation • Time management

Additional information

Here is some additional information on my social media platforms, blog and videos of myself teaching: