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I live in Colorado Springs, and am willing to relocate.

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Jerrell Young's résumé

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My name is Jerrell Young I currently live in Fountain, Colorado and wanted to know if the Young Adult pastor job was still open. I applied for the Job online through but i didnt have a chance to put some of my ministry background or any letters of recommendation. I have served as a Youth ministers Assistant at both Bethesda Christian Church (Portland, Oregon) and Pentecostal Church of the Apostolic Faith (Leavenworth, Kansas). In College, i started a bible study group because i recognized my so called "religious school" was anything but. The group had about 40 members whose ages ranged from 18-27. After i graduated i helped and was one of the ministry leaders at Bethesda Christian Church back in Portland, Oregon and also served as a youth leader at Greater Bethesda Church (Portland, Oregon.) Once i met my wife Jasmine, i moved back to Shawnee, Kansas where we stayed for 9 months. After beginning the process of joining the ministry at New Bethel Church (Kansas City, Kansas) my wife who is in the military was alerted that we were to be stationed in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In my time being here i have worked for AXIS which is a nonprofit organization located inside the Focus on the Family building where we traveled the U.S and Canada speaking in front of large groups teaching and preaching the Gospel to kids as young as 5th Grade all the way to grandparents in there 90s.

I have a heart for ministry and a heart to be used by God. I love to challenge people to dive deeper in the word and go beyond the status quo of Christian living. In an attempt to achieve true flourishing.


College of the Siskiyous

Associates degree in Liberal Arts Education


University of Saint Mary

Bachelors of Arts: Sports Manangement with a Marketing Focus


Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary

Masters of Arts: Theology

(Starting December 2018)


I am very good with speaking with people of all ages. I have been blessed with an ability to be able to understand common ground with people in a way to deepen conversation. I also am good at breaking the surface level when it comes to talking to people and their views of the bible. I always loved getting homework as a kid and how much it made me think, i love to challenge people and to be challenged on how we are with God and what ways can we go deeper in order to get out of everyday regular living and move to a place of excitement each day and taking it as a time to get closer to God.

Additional information

I have a few letters of recommendation i will place them below.

Letter #1
As an active minister of the Gospel, who has served in the ministry of evangelism
for about eighteen years, I affirm the credibility and authenticity of Jerrell’s gift
and anointing. His previous church, where he and I attended, allowed for our paths
to cross. I’ve watched him over the years, and I can say that he has been blessed
with a unique ability to not only captivate, but positively influence young people
through the conveying of the Gospel. His charm, charisma, and character gives him
the edge that allows him to achieve relevant ministry in the 21st century church. He
is creative, innovative, and passionate. Jerrell isn’t afraid to go into unchartered
territory to win the lost and develop them into becoming disciples of Christ. What I
am most impressed with is his integrity. Leadership is great, but leadership without
integrity is a disaster waiting to happen. From the day I met him, Jerrell has
demonstrated being a man who is after the heart of God, while being a man after
God’s own heart. His love for God, family, and ministry consumes him. Therefore,
anything he does, he’s invested in. After having such a promising career in the
world of athletics, I’ve watched him embrace the call of God on his life, to impact
a generation, may be a little differently from what he first imagined. But, God has
always had his hands own him, and favor has never ceased from being present in
his life. I really feel, Jerrell will be an incredible asset to your ministry. And I’ll be
very honest with you, because of his heart to please God, he understands that he is
responsible for every action he makes, which in return makes him reliable and
dependable. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. And my hope is that
you will prayerfully consider rendering the opportunity to this man of God, to
serve under your leadership in this ministry capacity. God bless!
Humbly Submitted,
Elder Kameron L. Adams

Letter #2
I am writing this reference in regard to Bro. Jerrell M. Young, who is seeking employment at this time from your ministry/organization. I want to say that I have known Jerrell for over the last 3 years, first being introduced to him at the New Bethel Church in Kansas City, KS. Since then our relationship has grown and I have great picture of who he is as a man, a brother, and as a follower of Christ.
Jerrell has a number of strengths I’d like to share. He has exceptional teaching skills that I have seen firsthand as well as one on one personal instruction. For example, he’s extremely passionate about his health and has a strong work ethic. I’ve seen him take time with different individuals at different stages in life and pour into them knowledge and wisdom that he has gained from this area including myself. He’s quick to encourage and build individuals and is definitely a team oriented person. He’s one that is unashamed in sharing his faith and has been graced with other platforms in life to share it and has received recognition for his outstanding example of manhood.
Jerrell is a great husband & father as I have seen him firsthand interact with his daughter and wife. He exemplifies what Ephesians 5:25, “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.” He is constantly giving to and serving his family as commanded by the word of God.
In conclusion, I would highly recommend Bro. Jerrell Young. If his performance in my experience with him is any indication of how he’d perform in the available position, Jerrell will be an extremely positive addition to your organization. If you need any additional information, feel free to contact me at (816) 394-3146 or by email at [email protected] anytime.
McKinley A. Burns
Staff Pastor/Elder at New Bethel Church

Letter #3
I am writing this recommendation letter on behalf of Jerrell M. Young. My name is Hakeem Bradley and I am a pastor at Imago Dei Community in Portland, OR. I have known Jerrell for an extensive amount of time, and I can honestly say that I believe he would flourish in the realm of vocational ministry. Not only is he a great father, husband, and friend, but he is also a leader committed to following Jesus. Wherever he steps foot, he is easily identified as a leader because leadership leaks out of him.

I have gotten the opportunity to see Jerrell lead in many different capacities. We once were a part of a young adult ministry at a church in Portland, OR named Greater Bethesda Christian Center. The ministry hosted an event called “Shock Talk” for people ages 18-30 on a monthly basis where anywhere from 15 to 30+ people would show up each time. Jerrell helped to lead the event through facilitating group discussions, creating ideas for themes and topics, and creating customized clothing. After the event would end, people would still linger and Jerrell would take it upon himself to help foster a familial type of environment by including them in conversations that were being had between those who knew each other already. 

Jerrell has also travelled all over the country to speak to young adults and teenagers about the Gospel and how the Gospel speaks to various layers in our current culture in America. He has also filmed videos that have discussed controversial topics in our culture and gives light to what the Gospel has to say about those things. He has personally led me and our close friends by his creativity. He created his own devotionals that he would send to us every morning that gave analogies that used sports, entertainment, and other things to help to make the Scriptures more applicable. He also has led this same group of people in multiple Bible studies that have walked through various Old Testament and New Testament Scriptures in an exegetical and practical manner.

I think Jerrell would be a phenomenal pastor of young adults because he has led young adults for years in different ways, which shows that he is versatile in his leadership. He is capable of adapting to his environment in order to lead people in the way that would best suit the demographic he is dealing with. He is one of the best communicators I know and does a great job of articulating the Gospel in such a way that makes it understandable without compromising its weight and message. He is unapologetically Christian wherever he is and whoever he speaks with. It is my pleasure to know him as a brother in the faith and to learn from him whenever I can. 

                                Hakeem Bradley