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We're located in Michigan and Indiana

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  • Family Ministry

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  • is Baptist

Job at Baptist Children's Home

Parenting at risk young people

Job Description

House Parent Couples

Modeling a biblical marriage
Making disciples
- Sharing the gospel - Teaching a biblical worldview - Sharing your life Living in a group home raising young people under the supervision and support of an experienced staff.

Baptist Children's Home

We are not a church.

We run group homes for at risk young people who need Jesus, a biblical world view, and a loving model in a family setting. We are looking for biblically married couples who desire to make disciples (share the gospel of Jesus Christ, able to teach a biblical worldview, and able to model God's design for marriage) in a unique setting.

We are Baptist in doctrine but we minister to those of any or no faith. We are supported by people and churches of like belief but not necessarily the same name on the door of their church.