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  • Youth / Student Ministry

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  • is Presbyterian (PCA)

Job at Christ Community Church

Middle School Coordinator

Job Description

Purpose: To assist the Director of Student Ministry in fulfilling the student ministry’s mission to all Middle School students, parents, volunteers, fellows, and staff, including the intentional pursuit of non-believing students of Williamson County in a manner consistent with the overall vision of Christ Community Church.

Direct Report: Mark Kuhn – Interim Director of Student Ministries

Supervises: Middle School Volunteers and Interns

Employment Status: Full-time, salaried, Class I benefits



I. Initiate trusting friendships with the students of Williamson County and beyond.
II. Meet teens where they are to cultivate strong relationships and encourage them in the Gospel regardless of church or school affiliation.
III. Build trusting and life-giving relationships with Williamson County middle school students through contact activities such as: lunch/dinner/coffee appointments, attendance of sporting events, home visits, etc.
IV. Build trusting and life-giving relationships with staff, students, parents, fellows and volunteers through Bible studies, retreats, and other C3 programming.


I. Implement, direct, oversee and evaluate ministry for grades 6-8.
II. Regularly teach students and lead a teaching rotation that involves other voices and serves as a means of developing future ministry leaders.
III. Play a major role in recruiting, equipping, and shepherding a team of Adult Student Ministry Volunteer Leaders, Summer Interns, students, and parents while fostering a sense of loving community and purpose among them.
IV. Disciple, inspire, and lead the Student Leadership Team.
V. Communicate regularly with parents via email, print, and social media.


I. Report regularly to Director of Student Ministries regarding MS initiatives.
II. Participate in weekly staff meetings; collaborate with other C3 ministries and the broader C3 staff.
III. Implement Event Registration and other processes related to Student Ministries.
IV. Oversee and effectively steward the Session approved C3 Student Ministry Budget.
V. Embrace and enhance systems in place, including C3’s database, for managing tasks, reporting contact work, and recording student involvement.


I. Lead in the development, planning, and communication of all Middle School programming and events, which currently include but are not limited to:


Experience and Skills


**Please inform your direct report of any statements of belief contained in the Westminster Confession of Faith with which you have questions or with which your personal beliefs on the matter do not align.

The statements and information included in this job description reflect the duties and responsibilities of this position but are not to be interpreted as all-inclusive or limiting the scope of the position.

Interested Applicants should email cover letter, resume, and related questions to: Mark Kuhn
Interim Director of Student Ministries: [email protected]

Christ Community Church

Christ Community Church is called by the God of all grace for the transforming of life in middle Tennessee—spiritually, socially, and culturally—through the power of the gospel, from Franklin to the nations of the world—all to the glory of God.