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We're located at 3940 27 1/2 Road, Grand Junction, CO 81506

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  • is Presbyterian (PCUSA)

First Presbyterian Church

Rooted in Jesus, Growing in His Love, Branching Out to Serve Others

Church description

The first thing to know about who we are is that we're not all alike. We come from a variety of backgrounds and faith experiences. We cover a broad spectrum of vocations, generations, educational levels, musical tastes, socio-economic situations, and political affiliations. Some of us grew up in the Church and some of us are still learning what it means to be a follower of Jesus -- or a Presbyterian for that matter. We don't come out of the same mold, that's for sure. There are some pretty important similarities among us, however. In one way or another, we want to be Rooted in Jesus, Growing in His Love, and Branching Out to Serve Others. We hope to extend God's grace and Kingdom in tangible ways. Together, we rely on God to speak to us through His Holy Word and by His Holy Spirit. And we try to maintain a high view of scripture while reading it through the lens of Jesus Christ -- who was full of grace and truth. Speaking of Jesus, it is Christ who holds us together.

Living on the Western Slope of Colorado means we're fairly laid back -- although we are familiar with and embrace our heritage as Presbyterians. We like to laugh and worship -- and often laugh in worship. We like the fact that God is constantly pushing us back into the community and world to serve in His name. And we like seeing each other at church and in our everyday lives.

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Director of Student Ministries

  • Youth / Student Ministry

Posted over 1 year ago