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Job at Clear Lake United Methodist Church

Student Discipleship Coach

Job Description


Clear Lake United Methodist Church

The presumed priority job of every Clear Lake UMC staff member is to make disciples, make decisions that make disciples, and make a congregation that make disciples. The following Ministry Profile outlines your “first understanding” of how you practice that priority through your staff responsibilities.

My ministry title is: Students’ Discipleship Coach

I am the church’s primary: Recruiter, trainer, facilitator, organizer, and modeler for the congregation’s engagement in forming disciples with our students (6th grade through high school graduation).

In one sentence, my ministry’s purpose is to: Coach the congregation and create spaces for students to become disciples.

My success will be evaluated mainly in the areas of: 1) Recruiting and training the congregation for formational discipleship to and with students (6th grade
through graduation) in alignment with our church’s pathway of discipleship
2) Creating spaces for intergenerational engagement to occur meaningfully and effectively
3) Prioritizing spiritual formation through the life of the church above creating programs.

The one question that I bring to every planning discussion/decision is: “How will this be an opportunity for the congregation to engage and encourage students to be formed as disciples of Jesus Christ?”

My ministry’s target populations/constituencies include: Congregation members/volunteers for student ministry, students (6th grade through graduation), carers/parents/guardians of students, discipleship staff.

My practice of ministry is usually located in/on: Spaces of discipleship for students, adult volunteer/leader recruiting and training events, Sunday morning worship venues, discipleship ministries’ staff offices and ministry venues, and CLUMC staff meetings where looking to Jesus and looking like Jesus is a primary focus.

The initial time allocations for my ministry are (in order): 40% - Organizing environments/spaces/activities for discipleship to happen and collaborating with staff
40% - Recruiting, training, discipling adult volunteers
10% - Sunday morning preparation and responsibilities
10% - Personal soul growth and professional skill growth

Existing teams/programs for which I am the staff LEADER (design/build) include: Student ministries

Existing teams/programs for which I am the staff MANAGER (administer) include: Assistant to discipleship ministries

Existing teams/programs for which I am the staff CONTACT (support) include: Adult discipleship, children’s & parents’ discipleship, Sunday worship, and the Buddies program

My primary supervisor is: Executive Pastor

My annual performance evaluation and ministry profile revisions are done by the: Executive Pastor

Clear Lake United Methodist Church

We are right by the Johnson Space Center and our church was founded to facilitate the influx of people from NASA. Our church was founded by several astronauts and our congregation is still full of NASA engineers.