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  • Youth / Student Ministry
  • Administration / Coordination

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  • is Episcopal
  • has an average worship attendance of 750

Job at St. George's Episcopal Church

Outstanding administrator who loves youth ministry

Job Description

Overview: The Youth Program Coordinator handles the day-to-day operation of the youth ministry in a way that helps all staff (paid and volunteer) be exceptionally effective. This position is mainly administrative and deals with the behind-the-scenes tasks that support the youth ministry.

Ministry Management
● Ensure that the “in-between the cracks” needs of the youth ministry are handled in a professional and timely manner (being distributed to other staff or volunteers). These needs include at least: ○ Attendance tracking input and review ○ Ensuring youth unable to be entered into Realm are tracked and accounted for ○ Newsletters, Bulletin and Sunday School/Confirmation Announcements ○ Forms and Registrations ○ Database Management ○ Weekly parent email ○ Website updates communicated to Director of Youth Ministries ● Put in place and distribute control documents in a timely fashion (e.g., the youth ministry calendar, annual release forms, church calendar and space request, event registration forms). ● Keep compliance documents up-to-date and distribute to all involved parties (copyright licensing, background checks on volunteers and staff, etc.). ● Review finances at least quarterly to ensure that year-to-date figures remain on budget.
● Ensure all major events and weekly programs are well publicized, organized and executed in such a way that leaves parents/guardians confident that their youth are being faithfully and creatively nurtured. ● Complete event notebooks for each major event and update each notebook after that event is completed. ● Ensure the logistical details of Sunday school, Confirmation and Wednesday night programming are in place each week. These details include: ○ Attendance tracking ○ Teachers and volunteers ○ Curriculum and supplies Relational Management
● Ensure a process is in place and executed that reaches out to inactive youth and parents/guardians personally at least every six weeks and report any updates to the youth ministry staff and the Associate Rector overseeing the youth ministry. ● Ensure that a representative on the youth ministry leadership team (staff, volunteers, fellows) contacts each youth on the roll at least quarterly. ● Ensure a representative of the youth ministry leadership team makes contact with every student on the roles at least once a year. ● Ensure that all first-time visitors receive exceptional and timely follow up, so that all students who want to become a part of the youth ministry do so in a way that feels welcoming and natural to them.
Staff and Volunteer Management
● Working with the Director of Youth Ministries, oversee the leadership recruitment and training processes in such a way that all volunteers working weekly with students have attended a training session before they become involved and attend semester check ins. Ensure volunteers are recruited at least 3 months before they are to begin serving. ● Prepare the weekly agenda and moderate weekly youth ministry staff meetings in such a way that youth ministry staff and fellows are moving toward achieving their key results, in addition to faithfully carrying out their on-going day to day responsibilities. ● Maintain healthy connections with appropriate bodies of the church, ensuring that a representative from the youth ministry staff is present at all staff meetings and that approvals are requested of the appropriate bodies in a timely and positive way. ● Ensure event coordinators and volunteers are recruited at least three months before they begin. Ensure that their experience leaves them feeling that they’ve made a difference, and they are eager to serve with the youth ministry in the future. ● Keep electronic copies of all job descriptions that are updated, filed appropriately, and easily distributed to volunteers. ● Serve on the youth committee and help that committee set ongoing goals and objectives for the youth program. ● Attend weekly meetings such as weekly Family Ministry Team meetings, and semi/monthly supervisory meetings with the Associate Rector overseeing the youth ministry. . ● Communicate, coordinate, and keep minutes at meetings.

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