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We're located at 265 W Thompson LN, Murfreesboro, TN 37129

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  • Children's Ministry

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  • is United Methodist
  • has an average worship attendance of 1 thousand

Job at First United Methodist Church, Murfreesboro TN

Director of Children’s Ministries-Full time with Benefits

Job Description

Director of Children’s Ministries
First United Methodist Church, Murfreesboro

Deadline for application is May 31, 2022

Position Description: Director of Children’s Ministries is a ministry to introduce the traditions of the Church to the children of the Church community and instilling in the children and their families the vitality of the Holy Spirit, the teachings of Jesus Christ, and the love of God. Director should be welcoming and inclusive to all members and visiting families. Director is responsible for or oversees all aspects of children’s programming (birth through 6th grade) and reaches out to children and their families not part of the Church community.

1. Attend all staff meetings and Know Him Team meetings. Oversee function of Children’s and Family Ministry Committee
2. Oversee children’s Sunday school which includes recruiting, educating, and supporting teachers and reviewing, ordering, and distributing curriculum and supplies
3. Develop and maintain safety procedures throughout the children’s wing for tornado, fire, and code red dangers including the training of nursery staff and volunteers.
4. Maintain and review Procedures and Policies for Background checks and Safe Sanctuary training for volunteers.
5. Review and order material, set schedule, plan reception, recruit mentors, recruit teachers for classes, plan first meeting and dinner, and cross presentation for Confirmation class.
6. Recruit teachers, purchase curriculum and supplies for Children’s Church.
7. Recruit teachers, purchase curriculum and supplies for Wednesday night children’s classes.
8. Recruit volunteers, purchase curriculum for monthly fellowships for 2nd & 3rd, 4th & 5th, and 6th graders (CHAOS). Activities may include on campus fellowships, lock-ins and off campus activities.
9. Oversee Nursery including hiring Young Children’s Coordinator and oversee hiring of all nursery staff. Ensure along with Young Children’s Coordinator the nursery facilities are maintained and are accountable to safety and procedures set forth by the state and church.
10. Oversee and work with Young Children’s Coordinator to carryout responsibilities including managing nursery staff, Children’s Church, Summer Fun Camp, Parent’s Night Out, ELL classes, etc.
11. Review curriculum and recruit teachers and youth, plan activities, secure outside activities for Vacation Bible School.
12. Oversee seasonal events such as Children’s Sabbath, Easter Egg Hunt, Promotion Sunday, Christmas Eve 1st grade live nativity, Children’s concert, etc.
13. Maintain rooms for all children’s programming.
14. Liaison to Preschool Program which includes being part of the Preschool Board that hires Director of Preschool Ministries. A willingness to learn Tennessee Assessment Regulations for children ages 6 weeks through age 5.
15. Review, update, recruit teachers, and oversee milestones such as 3rd Grade Bible Presentation, Confirmation, Welcome to Sunday School, Bread & Juice Class, etc.
16. Secure transportation and drivers for children’s activities taking place off campus.
17. Purchase craft supplies, drinks, snacks, etc. for children and programming as needed.
18. Oversee church wide activities involving children and families to the community.
19. Other duties as assigned.

Committee Relationships:
1. Council of Stewards
2. Know Him Team
3. Children’s & Family Ministry Committee
4. Preschool Board

Qualifications: [Education, training, technical skills, certificates, ordination]
1. Bachelor’s Degree in appropriate program or equivalent relevant experience.
2. Ministry – Be a Christian. Focus on growing spiritual maturity and relational health among individuals and families. Understand and be willing to teach Methodist theology.
3. Staff - Team player. Willing to partner with other areas of ministry.
4. Spiritual - Gifts of service, teaching, encouragement, administration, & shepherding.
5. Leadership - Highly relational as well as collaborative and administrative.
6. Technology-Familiarity with Microsoft Office programs. Willingness to learn Planning Center (calendar and registration), RingCentral (phone, video and messaging), Leadr (meetings) and others as needed.

Physical demands:
1. Must be able to stand for extended periods of time while teaching or involved in other activities.
2. Should be able to hold light objects such as books (Bible for instance) and demonstration materials up to ten pounds.
3. Dealing with younger children requires kneeling or squatting, stooping, and bending from the waist frequently.
4. Ability to write on dry-erase boards, which includes the ability to hold objects such as markers, pencils, paint brushes, etc.
5. Lifting and transporting of supplies from area retail stores.
6. Ability to push/pull DVD/TV stands, projectors, computers, etc.
7. Ability to move tables and chairs.
8. Ability to demonstrate and facilitate games and transport any equipment needed for them.
9. Should be able to manipulate the building such as stairs and tight spaces to lead children and guide children.
10. Should be able to manipulate stairs from the second floor to the basement in a timely fashion while leading children for those occasions when there is threatening weather.

Mental demands:
1. Should have a working knowledge of the Bible, its usage, and application and be able to translate its usage and application to children of all ages.
2. Should recognize different learning needs, styles, and capabilities of children.
3. Should be familiar with age appropriate language, activities, and knowledge of all levels and ages of children.
4. Should be able to facilitate and develop spiritual growth, self-esteem, respect, trust, and other positive characteristics.
5. Should be able to maintain high energy and display enthusiasm.
6. Should have stable coping strategies for dealing with stress, and emotional instabilities with children and their families.
7. Should be able to handle disruptive and non-compliant behavior in children and adults.
8. Should have an established sense of fairness when evaluating children / their home-life / family dynamics avoiding bias and labeling.
9. Should be non-critical, non-judgmental with ability to reason objectively.
10. Good communications skills.
11. Tolerant and open to feedback from peers, parents, and administration.
Travel: Travel is required for this position. An example of required travel: Children’s trips, trips to purchase supplies, etc.

Reports to: Director of Discipleship

Dedication of 40 hours a week including extensive work on Sunday. Additional hours will be required during various times including Vacation Bible School, etc.

First United Methodist Church, Murfreesboro TN

We are a large church (budget is $2.8 million) and a historical church-going back to 1820.

We are a part of a fast growing community about 30 minutes outside Nashville TN. We have a full time staff of 19. Our culture is one of support, accountability and grace.

We are a fun, fast paced environment. As a member of our team you will have the support you need and the freedom to get it done in your own way.