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  • Youth / Student Ministry

Our church…

  • is Presbyterian (PCUSA)
  • has an average worship attendance of 500

Job at First Presbyterian

Director of Youth Ministries (non ordained)

Job Description


The Director of Youth Ministries (DYM), guided by the Mission and Purpose of FPC and the great ends of the church*, will serve the youth with energy, intelligence, imagination, and love. The DYM will actively witness to God’s saving love revealed in Jesus Christ by…
I. Developing relationships with all youth members and their families for the purpose of nurturing their relationship with Jesus Christ.

II. Maintaining the base of volunteers and cultivate new volunteers to build a web of relationships for each First Presbyterian Church (FPC) youth with multiple Christian adults in the church.

III. Infusing a joyful Christian atmosphere into all FPC youth programs.

I. RELATIONSHIPS: The first priority of the Director of Youth Ministries is to ensure that relationships are being built between the youth of the church, with the Adult Participants (AP), and the DYM. One of the keys to an effective youth ministry will be the development of other adults to be involved in lives of the youth — establishing relationships with them, shepherding them and helping them develop their own relationships with Jesus Christ and with other youth and adults at FPC.

  1. The Director of Youth Ministries (DYM) prays for FPC youth and the youth ministry program regularly.

  2. The DYM will seek to empower the Student Leaders and build personal relationships with youth, parents, and AP’s which will include off-site visits and contacts.

  3. The DYM provides personal follow up to first-time visitors, inactive or disconnected youth.

  4. The DYM will utilize a variety of communication tools to maximize the ministry with youth, parents, AP’s, Youth Christian Education Committee and the church at large to foster an atmosphere of open communication while keeping everyone informed and up-to-date.

  5. The DYM serves as a counselor for youth and their parents, maintaining an accessible referral list of professional counselors to access when necessary.

  6. FPC Mission Statement: Responding to God’s grace through worship, study, and service.

    FPC Purpose Statement is to joyfully follow Christ and respond to God’s grace as an inclusive, multigenerational faith community by: deepening discipleship through relevant worship and life-long learning; creating and nurturing congregational relationships; and transforming lives and connecting with others through service.

    The great ends of the church are the proclamation of the gospel for the salvation of humankind; the shelter, nurture, and spiritual fellowship of the children of God; the maintenance of divine worship; the preservation of the truth; the promotion of social righteousness; and the exhibition of the Kingdom of Heaven to the world.

II. RECRUITING and SUPERVISION: The Director of Youth Ministries coordinates and supervises all youth ministry Adult Participants and the Student Leaders regularly to ensure that their efforts are coordinated to maximize their effectiveness.

  1. The DYM protects the strategic progress of the youth ministry program by ensuring that 1) three-year goals and one-year benchmarks for the youth ministry program are updated annually, 2) the Youth CE Committee annually evaluates their progress based on those goals and benchmarks and 3) the Youth CE Committee is regularly attentive to and accountable for accomplishing the one-year benchmarks of the youth ministry program.

  2. The DYM ensures that spiritual support, educational training and encouragement are provided to the Adult Participants working hands-on with youth in the youth ministry program.

  3. In conjunction with the Youth Christian Education Committee and the Director of Christian Education, the DYM supervises and manages the annual youth events and ministry budget.

III. PROGRAMS: The Director of Youth Ministries will assist the Student Leadership Team in creating an atmosphere such that the youth ministry program is seen and understood to be a place of belonging and fellowship and where emerging spiritual and leadership skills can be developed.

  1. The DYM serves as a catalyst for spiritual growth, both in a small group setting and in everyday conversations with youth, youth parents, and Adult Participants.

  2. The DYM is available to lead youth classes and programs regularly and works to become increasingly effective in communicating the essentials of the Christian faith to youth, as well as their parents.

  3. A curriculum design template is in place for the youth ministry program, and curriculum resources for each year are selected at least one month before the school year begins.

  4. The weekly programs of the youth ministry program (i.e., Sunday school, Wednesday Night Live, and Sunday Night Summit) offer fun and exciting programs that interest and attract youth through worship, study, service, and fellowship.

  5. In coordination with the Director of Christian Education, the DYM resources the leadership for the Confirmation program offered each school year. The DYM will join the effort to engage the younger middle school students into active youth ministry participants.

  6. The DYM proposes a draft of the youth ministry’s annual calendar to the Youth Christian Education Committee for approval before locking in dates. (i.e., Youth Sunday, Senior Sunday, summer trips)

1. The DYM will be an active worshipper within the church, attending all services when present on Sundays.
2. The DYM will serve as Staff Support for the Youth Christian Education Committee.
3. The DYM will participate in weekly church staff meetings.
4. The DYM will have supervisory meetings with the Director of Christian Education weekly.
5. The DYM will adhere to and implement our Child, Youth, and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy.
6. The DYM will attend Session meetings as necessary.
7. The DYM will follow any other employee requirements as defined in the Employee Handbook.


The Church shares in the mission of Jesus Christ who called all followers to lead a just life. In fidelity to that mission, the FPC strives for justice in employment practices. To this end, FPC promotes equal employment opportunity for all persons with regard to recruitment, hiring, calling, training, transfer, promotion and separation from employment. Employment decisions are made on the basis of qualifications that meet the needs of FPC, and not on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, age, physical or mental disability, religious affiliation (except when, after careful study, religious affiliation is determined to be a bona fide occupational qualification), or any other characteristic protected by law.
All staff members share in the responsibility to foster work environments where all persons are treated with fairness, dignity, and respect.
The Director of Youth Ministries will be paid on a salaried basis as a Full Time Program Staff Employee with a minimum $48,000 annual compensation plus PCUSA benefits all depending on experience and qualifications.

DYM Search Committee
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First Presbyterian Church
101 Legends Club Lane
Franklin, TN 37069

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