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We're located at 455 W. Southmor Rd Morris IL 60450

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  • Youth / Student Ministry

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  • is Non-denominational

Job at First Christian Church

FT Youth Ministry

Job Description

FCC Morris
(6th grade through 12th grade) FCC Mission: to help people discover and follow Jesus.
Youth Specific Mission: to help students and their friends to discover (evangelism) and follow (discipleship) Jesus.
Personal Goals:
Become more like Jesus in grace and character (Romans 8, 12)

Become a leader of leaders as described in Scripture (1 Timothy 3, Titus, Acts 20)
Ministry Goals:
Develop a Relational Volunteer Team
-Recruit and train youth volunteers who become small group leaders of students -Recruit and train youth volunteers to execute your ministry plan Plan Intentional Programming
-Plan events, regular meetings to help students grow to become more like Jesus. -Plan opportunities for students to build bridges to faith for their friends and community through service and personal testimony.

Implement Transformational Discipleship
-Teach God’s Word regularly to help students understand and apply it to everyday life.
-Utilize small group leaders to be mentors, teachers, helping students to grow in their faithfulness to Jesus through relationship building,
trust, and exposure to God’s Word.

Partner with Parents
-Develop trusting relationships with parents, becoming a Christian influence that compliments the role of parents in helping students become more like Jesus. -Communicate clearly and consistently with parents on youth ministry goals and plans.

Cultivate Student Leadership
-Identify and invite students with leadership potential into a leadership mentoring group. -Plan times when student leaders lead other students in worship, teaching, service, evangelism, etc…

Other Staff Responsibilities
-Attend all planned staff meetings -Assist in any pastoral ministry as needed (hospital visits, events, worship help as gifted, etc…)

First Christian Church

We are located 55 southwest of Chicago. We live on the Illinois river with a mixture of city and medium sized town living. Our church covers 5 different high schools and has great potential.