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Hire a Youth Pastor

We're located at 1300 S President St, Wheaton, IL 60189

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  • Youth / Student Ministry

Our church…

  • is Non-denominational
  • has an average worship attendance of 550

Job at One Line Church

Full Time Student Minister with a focus on discipleship of students 6th-12th grade.

Job Description


• Must be a member/regular attender of One Line Church • Commitment to One Line’s philosophy of ministry and mission of helping people live the way of Jesus by reproducing Christ followers that connect with God, each other, and their purpose. • Prior experience developing and training leaders. • Prior experience working with students.


Connect with God
Weekends | Say Yes | Daily Encounter

Connect with Each Other

Connect with Your Purpose
Team|Give Back|BLESS


• 40 Hours/Week • Student Retreats/Camps • Thorough communication with students, families and leaders


The mission of our MS and HS Ministry is helping students live the way of Jesus. The One Line Student Director will work with the staff lead team to create ministry goals each year. These goals will reflect our desire for students to be in a discipling relationship with adult mentors using C3 Rhythms of Jesus as a guide.


• OLS (One Line Students) 1st, 2nd and 3rd Wednesdays from 7-8:30pm

• Conferences and Retreats Develop a series of age appropriate intensive discipleship experiences - Conferences, Camps, Missions Trips, Wilderness Discipleship Experience, etc.


Facilitate Life-Changing Connections
• Recruit and develop adult leaders for OLS Nights, D-Groups and Sunday mornings • OLS - 1st, 2nd and 3rd Wednesdays from 7-8:30pm • D-Groups - 1-2 times per month (Days and Time Vary by Group) • Sunday Morning Connect Groups - 9 and 10:30 (Middle School Only)


Serving Teams
• Facilitate opportunities for students to discover their gifts and serve on weekend teams • Coordinate community impact initiatives/projects for students locally and globally.

One Line Church

We love students at One Line. The thing that we feel is unique for us as a church is we feel called to model and help others (churches, organizations, etc...) to have a focus on Discipleship. Sometimes this is helping an organization or church create a path towards making this a leading priority.

This plays out in intentional spaces and rhythms which are designed to help students connect with God, Each Other and Their Purpose.

Now, lots of churches may say something similar when it comes to having discipleship, however we have spent a lot of time refocusing our entire church on the rhythms of discipleship. We have seen a ton of fruit from this shift and our ultimate goal is to see people live the way of Jesus. We do this by living as sent ones (Sojourners) who both follow Jesus and make disciples. You will even hear us say that in order to call yourself a disciple, you must also be discipling others.

We see this played out in 2 Timothy 2:2 as Paul speaks to 4 generations of disciples who invest in disciples who invest in disciples.

We see this in Jesus' life as he invests in his followers, apostles and disciples, and in doing so, gives away the keys to his kingdom to his followers, proclaiming they will do even greater things. (John 14:12)

When it comes to students in our church, we see the power of their lives. There is very little in this life as powerful as a driven and passionate teen - especially one whose faith is on fire. They have the ability to deeply connect with God, they have the power to influence their entire family and they have the ability to influence a generation who is desperately looking for truth and hope in broken world.

We want to be clear here, Discipleship isn't just about knowing things about God, it's about knowing God, knowing his word, knowing how to lead a life that trusts the Lordship of Jesus. Discipleship is ultimately someone who is following Jesus, being changed by Jesus, and committed to the mission of Jesus.

Our job as a church is help every person to know how to navigate this world. We work with our students so that no matter where they go, who they are with or what they are doing, they can do that as a follower of Jesus. We are committed to help students live the way of Jesus.