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We're located at 21 Harristown Road, Glen Rock, NJ

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This is a job in…

  • Youth / Student Ministry
  • Administration / Coordination

Our church…

  • is Presbyterian (PCA)
  • has an average worship attendance of 600

Job at Grace Redeemer Church

Youth Ministry Coordinator

Job Description

Youth Ministry Coordinator (Up to 20 hours a week)

This position has two distinct roles, coordinating the youth ministry programs and coordinating youth discipleship. This position could be filled as two separate ones.

I. Youth Program Coordinator (up to 12 hours a week) - Friday Night Program - (6:00 PM - 9:30 PM weekly) - Sunday School - (40 min set up + 9:45 AM-11:05 AM weekly) - Youth Staff Meeting - (1.5 Hours weekly) - Admin Hours - (up to 5 hours weekly)

To support and assist in coordinating programs, including the Friday night program, Sunday School, and special events (ex., outreach events, camps, mission trip) for GRC’s middle and high school students and their families. Will work under the direction of the Director of Family Discipleship.
A. Coordinate Youth Ministry Program Efforts
1. Collaborate with the Director of Family Discipleship and youth leaders to plan and execute an annual calendar of events for youth ministry. 2. Organize administrative details for the Friday night, Sunday School, or special events, including scheduling, reserving, purchasing, set and clean up. 3. Communicate weekly with the Director of Family Discipleship and discuss feedback, plans, needs, and details. 4. Assist with reviewing and setting up lesson material and technology required for midweek youth group and Sunday School classes. 5. Serve, lead, and occasionally teach at midweek programs, Sunday School classes, or special events. 6. Collaborate on identifying faith formation needs of all youth.

  1. Additional Administrative Needs
  2. Assist with onboarding volunteers, including processing all volunteer applications, background checks, and references.
  3. Review all formal documents and communication.
  4. Assist with coordinating and developing training for new youth volunteers.
  5. Assist with additional administrative needs as they come.

II. Youth Discipleship Coordinator (up to 8 hours a week) - Volunteer Meetings - (up to 3 hours weekly) - Coordination & Communication - (up to 3 hours weekly) - Student Investment - (up to 2 hours weekly) - Family Investment - (by need basis) - Weekly Meeting - (1 hour weekly)

To partner with the Director of Family Discipleship in leading and developing the structure of youth discipleship, supporting students’ spiritual formation, and identifying where all students of Grace Redeemer Church are in their faith journey. Will report to the Director of Family Discipleship.

  1. Coordinate & Organize Discipleship (Especially Female)
  2. Review & partner in designing curriculum.
  3. Support discipleship group leaders and mentors, especially females, regularly meet with them to check in, support, encourage, and train.
  4. Help identify and recruit mentors and discipleship group leaders.
  5. Work with the Director of Family Discipleship to plan discipleship groups and mentor pairings.
  6. Develop training materials and classes for discipleship group leaders and mentors.
  7. Invest in students in either a discipleship group or mentorships.
  8. Communicate plans, updates, or changes of programs or materials to the discipleship group leaders and mentors.
  9. Gather and evaluate feedback from leaders, mentors, parents, and students.

  10. Youth Shepherding

  11. Maintain and monitor the shepherding list of students from communicant (6th grade) to graduate (freshman college) and assist in checking on students by contacting the (at least) one key (non-parent) adult in every their life that regularly checks in and invests in them.
  12. Support action plans for students that have become distant or walking away from their faith, attendees who would likely become members, and students with leadership potential.
  13. Support efforts to know and meet with families of youth in order to come alongside their work as the primary disciplers and bridge the youth ministry with their ministry as parents.

Grace Redeemer Church

Transformed disciples live UP, IN, and OUT: cultivating relationships with God, one another, and with the world to which we are sent. Therefore, we will carry out our ministry by:
• Praying: Because we join God in His mission, we commit to encouraging kingdom-prayer in all gatherings

• Preparing: Because transformation occurs through discipleship, we will equip individuals and families to live up, in, and out where they live, work, and play ◊ UP: By cultivating God-glorifying and Christ-centered worship ◊ IN: By enriching relationships within the body of Christ through intentional community, hospitality, assimilation of newcomers, and regular play and celebration, AND by shaping and equipping God’s people so that they increasingly bear the likeness of our Savior ◊ OUT: By personally and communally engaging in evangelism and outreach AND by sacrificially investing our personal and church resources to advance God’s Kingdom

• Participating: Because disciples are ambassadors for Christ, sent for the sake of the world, we will engage and partner for community and global impact