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Job at Lakeview Baptist Church

Youth Pastor

Job Description

Job Description for
Youth Minister
591 Ferndale road
Lakeview Baptist Church
Vermilion, Ohio 44089

Title: Youth Minister

Purpose: The Youth Minister offers students the opportunity to initiate and deepen their personal relationship with Jesus Chirst. The mission of the Youth Program is to develop and nurture the Christian faith, values, and spirituality of students in the church community within the secondary age group. The Youth Minister leader will also develop sports programs to utilize the Lakeview facilities to reach families for Christ. The Youth Minister shall report to the Pastor and be willing to work towards the God given goals of the church.

Salary/benefits package: $35-$55,000 based on experience.

Primary Responsibilities: Oversee the youth program and events. These programs should include; worship, spiritual development, education, fellowship, discipleship, evangelism and leadership training. The Youth Minister will participate in the school Pastor of the Day program at Vermilion and Firelands schools as well as be involved in the homeschool hub community at Lakeview.
Oversee the Sunday School classes for the youth, including recruiting of teachers and helpers. They will partner with the Sunday School director.
Ensure that all youth activities are adequately supervised by approved and responsible adults and permission slips are signed for all events.
Develop positive relationships with parents of the youth participating in the Youth Program and partner with them to enhance the impact of the ministry.
Develop the Upwards sports program (basketball, cheerleading, soccer). Also help set up and run the summer day camps and sports camps for Lakeview.

Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and followed in Baptism.
Have a consistent Bible study and prayer time.
Support the church with a tithe.
Have a sound base of biblical knowledge according to the Southern Baptist beliefs.
Have a strong ability to relate to youth.
Be an energetic and committed Christian and member of Lakeview Baptist Church.
Be a Christian role model for the youth and help develop youth leadership qualities and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Be able to train, encourage, and support adult volunteers.
Have good communication skills, both personally and publicly.
Have the ability to build personal relationships with the youth of the church and their families as well as provide discipline and structure.
Experience or education in youth ministry preferred.

To apply: send resume and cover letter to:
[email protected]
Lakeview Baptist Church Search committee
591 Ferndale avenue
Vermilion, Ohio 44089

Lakeview Baptist Church