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We're located at 233 Harrison Ave., Claremont, CA 91711

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  • is United Church of Christ (UCC)
  • has an average worship attendance of 350

Claremont United Church of Christ

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Dear Applicant,

We are thrilled that you are considering employment at Claremont United Church of Christ as our Director/Minister of Children, Youth, and Families! Allow us to give you a snapshot of the church and your potential role in it:


Our church was established in 1891 by Congregationalists who came to California to start Pomona College across the street from our campus. At the time it was the only church in Claremont and was known lovingly as The Claremont Church. As the surrounding area has grown through the years, our church has always been beloved by the wider community because of our commitment to civic engagement, social justice, and the extravagant welcome we extend to everyone. Claremont remains a quaint college town with progressive values and is consistently ranked as one of the top places to live in America.

When we were called to co-pastor Claremont United Church of Christ in 2016, the church was searching for pastors to help them grow and rejuvenate, and that is what we have done! In the last eight years, in-person worship attendance has more than doubled and the church has a total of 900 members. We are now the largest UCC congregation in California. 60-70 new members are joining each year and that growth is reflected in our Sunday School attendance. Each week there are typically 8+ infants in our nursery and 35-45 children in our Sunday School program. We have over 275 children and youth on our rosters representing over 175 families.


From Easter egg hunts and Fourth of July block parties to an annual Vacation Bible School program and monthly themed playdates, our Children, Youth and Families program is thriving. Our youth group is full of bright, funny, progressive young people who bond weekly at Youth Group as well as at church camps and on their summer service trip. Our Jr. High program is currently run by a church member who is as creative and kind as they come. The weekly Sermon on the Steps (aka children’s sermon) is a joyful moment in worship in which the entire congregation participates and enjoys. We have also launched It Takes a Village, a parenting group that plans monthly outings for parents to enjoy time together such as trips to blow-out bars and nail salons, date nights for parents, and monthly Sunday morning hangouts with coffee and pastries before worship.

Many families find CUCC through word of mouth by other parents and find a home here thanks to the warm welcome and robust programming their young ones are offered. You will have a Board of Children, Youth, and Families to help you in annual planning and carrying out events along with a team of Sunday School volunteers.


Well, this is where you come in, dear Applicant!

We are looking for a Minister of Children, Youth and Families who shares our passion for the church and for investing in the lives of others, especially our youngest. The ideal candidate will provide spiritual nourishment for children and students at each stage of life; from engaging Sunday School lessons to invigorating confirmation programs to meaningful high school experiences. Our congregation is full of warm and hospitable people who will cheer you on in your ministry, and the church is committed to dedicating resources to ensure our youth programs prosper. We aim to be supportive colleagues who support your work and give you plenty of room for creative freedom.

We pray that as we launch our students into the world, we have provided them a Christian foundation to be thinking, loving adults ready to shape the world. Finally, we are looking for someone who loves to have fun and has a sense of humor about our unique calling as ministers.
Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We invite you to send your resume and a cover letter of your own to our email addresses: [email protected] and [email protected].

In Faith,

Pastors Jen and Jacob
Co-Senior Pastors of Claremont UCC

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