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I live in Hanover, PA, and am willing to relocate.

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I would like to work in…

  • Youth / Student Ministry
  • Camp Ministry
  • Children's Ministry
  • Family Ministry

I would like to work at a…

  • Assembly of God church
  • Baptist church
  • Baptist (Southern) church
  • Bible Church church
  • Christian and Missionary Alliance (CMA) church
  • Church of God church
  • Church of God in Christ church
  • Church of the Brethren church
  • Church of the Nazarene church
  • Congregational Church church
  • Free Methodist church
  • Presbyterian church
  • Presbyterian (PCUSA) church
  • United Church of Christ (UCC) church
  • United Methodist church
  • Non-denominational church
  • Other church

ed moyer's résumé

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I'll do anything short of sin to reach youth



Hoffman Homes -Full-time
March 2023-Current
Mental Health worker/Counselor Littlestown,PA
My job is to supervise the youth in care and are responsible for their safety. Throughout the day, I guide the youth through their daily routines and activities while documenting events and observations specific to each youth .I am expected to teach and model appropriate social skills and coping skills. I am responsible for communicating pertinent information to the youth’s therapist so that treatment can be properly assessed. I am to help youth to assess their day and choices they make each day. I am at times have to put youth in restraints due to behavioral or self-harm behaviors. 4 days on and 4 days off, but much overtime to be expected.

Utz Potato Chips - Full-time October 2022-March 2023 Hanover, PA 3rd Shift Packer My job includes inspecting packaged items and alerts Machine Operator or Shift Supervisor of any problems. I am to Verify package weight, code, dates, and price. I Examine packages for proper seal. I reports any and all conditions that could lead to contaminated product. I Packs product into cartons, cans, and specialty containers. I Place cartons, cans or specialty containers onto skid. I am responsible for training new packers. I Label boxes and barrels. I Cleans work areas. I Gives breaks and lunches.. I Picks chips in processing room as needed. Lastly I Maintain an organized and sanitary work environment at all times.

Cross Keys Fellowship church -Paid Full Time Youth/Children's Pastor April 2022-August 2022 As an employee of Cross Keys Fellowship I constructed and executed from scratch a weekly Youth Group on Wednesdays and Sunday morning Church for youth. I helped plan a large scale VBS program complete with last day celebrations. I planned family events for children in the Children's Ministry and their families. I helped find, purchase, and put into activity a new Children's Ministry curriculum. I made sure Children's church service was executed properly. I interviewed volunteer staff and trained them. I created monthly schedules of which volunteers were needed so that adjustments could be made as needed. I attended church staff meetings as well as training to better my skills with Youth and Children ministry. I helped parents to get involved their children's walk with Christ. I also got the chance to disciple both youth and children.

Morgantown Community Church
November 2019-April 2022
Volunteer Youth Leader both Junior and Senior High
As a volunteer I get to mentor and work with youth without dealing with parents and meetings. Youth group meetings are anywhere from 40 to 60 youth. I get the opportunity to speak,disciple youth, and do many behind the scenes items. Normal duties include such items as teaching youth group, youth men's group, small groups,Wednesday nigh bible study,preparation of meals etc. This youth group is different. These youth do not do “church.” They will not go to church , yet go to youth group. I have seen youth accept Christ and even get baptized due to what I am a part of. It is incredible to see such breakthrough with these youth. Everything from quitting drugs to ending cutting to youth crying out to Christ for their parents to know Jesus. This is possible through through my skills and abilities God has given.

Tri-County/Downingtown Post-Office -Full Time January 2008-August 2009 August 2011-Aprill 2022 Letter Carrier Paoli, PA/Downingtown, PA As a letter carrier I am expected to sort, case, and organize mail, large packages, certified letters, etc for over 600 customers daily. This job includes little supervision, but always includes deadlines in carrying mail. My expectations are to successfully deliver mail to its proper destination in varying weather conditions. This job includes driving large vehicles safely from destination to destination.

Berwyn United Methodist Church -Paid Part Time Youth Director
October 2013-Febuary 2015
Junior High / Senior High School/ Young Adult Leader And Teacher
When I began my tenure at Berwyn U .M.C there were no youth program and 2 volunteers willing to start a junior/ senior high school program. I did everything from preaching sermons when the Pastor was away to helping youth with everyday problems. I managed the youth ministry budget, managed missions trips, ran youth group, bible studies, etc. My highlight was starting a young adult program from scratch and having twenty young adults when my tenure was over. I did everything a full time youth director does in half the time.

Mount Carmel united Methodist church -Paid Part Time youth Pastor
June 2012-Febuary 2013
Junior High/Senior High Leader and Teacher Saint Peters Village, Pa
As a part time paid Youth Pastor I started a youth program from almost nothing. There was a once every other month hang out and basic Sunday school. Since then I have made a solid youth group program and a structured Sunday school program. When I started there were 2 youth. Now there is a core of almost 10 students. Expectations were the following: plan youth group/Sunday school, raise funds, keep a budget, plan and run youth retreats, audio/visual ministry, plan activities outside of youth ministry I.E. Christmas caroling, and spending time with youth outside of church when possible.

First United Methodist Church -Interim Full Time Paid Youth Pastor
September 2009-August 2010 Youth Group Leader and Teacher Mercersburg, Pa
As a volunteer and later Interim Youth Pastor of both Junior and Senior High expectations required of me included teaching lessons, planning and participating in games and activities, ministering to youth, planning future activities and or events, planning and participating in fund raising activities, planning retreats, and spending time with students whenever possible. I have also run both Wednesday night and Sunday morning audio/visual ministry.

Black Rock Congregation Church -Full Time Summer 2007
Senior High Program’s Intern Fairfield, CT
Throughout my summer at Black Rock Congregation Church I performed above and beyond expected duties. I was given the chance to work with 80 to 100 students on a daily basis. This gave me the opportunity to get to know and disciple each student. I led the Senior High’s media services, which included setting up sound equipment and church lighting. I assisted in leading group functions, which included day trips and over night trips . I managed the Senior High’s budget. I helped create mission's trips to the Dominican Republic.



Philadelphia Biblical University (Now Cairn University) Fall 2004-Dec. 2007
I am a graduate from P.B.U and have a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies with a major in Youth Ministry. Graduation occurred in December of 2007.

Montgomery County Community College, Blue Bell Pa. Spring 2003 Spring 2004
I attended this establishment for a year and a half, changed majors from Information Technology to Elementary Education, and transferred applicable credits to Philadelphia Biblical University.
Perkiomen Valley High School


Bible knowledge * Servanthood Capabilities * Leadership skills Teaching and communication Skills Relationship skills Audio/Video Self-Motivated Works Well With Others

Additional information


To lead a youth ministry toward spiritual growth and the likeness of Christ through evangelism, discipleship, servant and leadership development

To Impact students toward Jesus Christ through local church youth ministry

To develop youth leaders for the cause of Christ by creating an atmosphere where teenagers can know Christ, grow in Him, and reach out to their friends

To Train and nurture adult volunteers so that together we can reach the areas teens for Jesus Christ.