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I live in New Orleans Louisiana, and am willing to relocate.

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I would like to work in…

  • Youth / Student Ministry

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  • Baptist church
  • United Methodist church
  • Non-denominational church
  • Other church

Todd Weller's résumé

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I have been working with Students for about 5 years and am passionate about leading them into a growing relationship with Christ.


Previous Youth Pastor Position Responsibilities:
- Coordinate ministry interactions with various people and their businesses - Create a curriculum for each year. - Coordinate with churches to organize summer camp opportunities for students - Coordinate with other churches for Hurricane Relief Efforts - Organize parent meetings and plan for volunteer training and recruitment - Organize the creation and production of FC Student Merchandise - Organizes weekly staff meetings - Organize FC Student services and Small Group opportunities

Youth Ministry Internship
with: Vineyard Church of New Orleans
- served during Summer 2017 - served under: Pastor Tim Levert Internship Responsibilities:
- Planned events (i.e. Game Nights, Worship Nights…) along with 2 other interns. - Lead small group discussions and helped oversee different student ministerial branches

Church Internship
with: Vineyard Church of Baton Rouge
served during: Summer 2018
served under: Pastor Dan Powell
Internship Role: Primary focus was exploring all aspects of the Vineyard Church, including
- Working with youth ministry, planning game nights, engaging in sermon prep - Helping set up a business model for Vineyard BR to fundraise for a Haiti partnership - Putting together a community outreach program for local artists - Receiving education on the founding of the Vineyard Church and its core values and beliefs - Training in prayer ministry and worship ministry - Working with staff members in order to plan events and creating a way to communicate with the surrounding community VCBR contact information:
- Phone: 225 - 751- 0936 - Email: [email protected]

Youth Pastoring Internship
with Church of the Saviour United Methodist

8005 Pfeiffer Rd, 

Cincinnati, OH 45242
served Summer 2019
served under Youth Pastor Jayk Hinze; Senior Pastor Jennifer Lucas
Internship Role: Primary focus in youth ministry:
- Created a curriculum that spans over a year - Planned route from Cincinnati to Gloversville, New York including all stops for gas, food, and rest room for Student Mission Trip - Helped write out a devotional for Choir Tour - Co-lead the tech team for the Choir Tour which entailed: i. Figuring out the layout of each church we visited
ii. Setting up sound equipment promptly upon learning layout of the church
iii. Leading teams of students in order to complete a tear-down of sound equipment to be placed back into the U-Haul for the next drive
iv. Working with Church Staff in order to create a healthy facility for all families and church members.

CoS Contact Info:
- Phone: 513-791-3142 - Email: [email protected], [email protected]



● Works to further education regularly via conducting constant research on: - Generation Z, - cultural trends, - how to implement apologetics into a student-focused setting. ● Learns well on-the-fly ● Is flexible and efficient with managing budget allowances as they fluctuate with church needs and seasons ● Fully proficient in ProPresenter and adjacent software

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