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I live in Springfield Missouri , and am willing to relocate.

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I would like to work in…

  • Youth / Student Ministry

I would like to work at a…

  • Assembly of God church
  • Baptist church
  • Non-denominational church

chris's résumé

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God called me to be a youth minister so I will be a great team member for him


I have preached at outreaches and both were in my neighborhood.

I preach weekly sermons to my knowledge ds

I like going to high street baptist church here in springfield Mo. I am not a member there. I want to be a member of a church that I work for God.


I have an AA degree in Interdepartmental studies with psychology background.
I graduated with honors.

I am working on my BA
For ministry now


I have preached at outreaches in my neighborhood as a teenager and adult.

I have singing exsperience in youth choir.

My Bible quiz team was first in the state.

I once ministered to my best friend and he was saved over the phone as God used me.

I have been trained by other pastors at ministries retreat.

I write sermons and preach the gospel.

I provide counseling to people that need it.

I am a good listener.

I welcome public speaking.

I see hope in almost all situations.

I love being a minister to people.

I am compassionate and accountable.

Loyalty is my favorite quality.

I have experience as a preacher just not much in a brick and morder church.

I am a homeschool teacher with my wife.

I have years experience as a actor and love doing Christian plays. I would love to use my acting exsperience to start a youth drama team.

I have chauffeur's license.

First aid and CPR trained.

I have some plumbing, electrical, painting and carpenter skills.

Additional information

I love God and will be successful in this because he called me and he does not make mistakes.