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I live in Kankakee, IL, and am willing to relocate.

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I would like to work in…

  • Youth / Student Ministry
  • Assistant/Associate pastor
  • Christian Education
  • Family Ministry
  • Young Adult / College Ministry

I would like to work at a…

  • Baptist church
  • Baptist (NBC of America) church
  • Baptist (Southern) church

Robert Peters's résumé

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A servant leader who seeks to use my professional experience of teaching to have an impact for Christ kingdom in ministry. I am team oriented, Christ-centered approach to ministry that seeks to see people grow in love for Jesus each and every day.


Greater New Hope Kankakee, IL — 2018 – Present
Associate Minister
▪ Licensed to preach ▪ Preached 2-3 sermons a year ▪ Developed Evangelism Program
Pembroke Fellowship Church Pembroke, IL — 2018 - 2019
▪ Taught men, from 40-60 yrs old for 1 yr ▪ Worked the sound for music every other Sunday Bible Witness Camp Pembroke , IL — 2016 - 2018
▪ Taught 6 high school boys every Sunday for 6 months ▪ Awana leader ▪ Camp counselor Calvary Church Matteson, IL — 2016 - 2018
Pulpit Supply
▪ Preached 2 times Living Hope Church Chicago, IL — 2016 - 2018
Under Care
▪ Preached 3 times ▪ Developed a joomla based website ▪ Discipled African Men in the Community

Miami International Seminary, Miami, FL — Jan 2014 to Present
Distance Education Coordinator
▪ Created over thirty online courses ▪ Developed a course on education ▪ Developing a commentary on Titus

Kankakee Trinity Academy Kankakee, IL — Aug 2021 – Present

Introduction to Christianity 2022-23 School Year
▪ Develop an Introduction to Christianity ▪ Preached once a week ▪ Taught how Jesus Connect to Every book of the Bible ▪ Taught the structure and theme of each book ▪ Class comprised students from India, Korea, Spain, Europe, Thailand, etc

Math 2021-22 School Year
▪ Develop a 10 min devotional everyday ▪ Develop Lesson Plans for Algebra II and Geometry ▪ Tutoring subjects in Mathematics
▪ Taught Physical Education classes for Junior High Students

Kankakee Community College Kankakee, IL — June 2016 to Present
Upward Bound Professor
▪ Designed, implement and Taught the following classes o Coding
o Ecology
o Mathematics
o Engineering

Kankakee Community College Kankakee, IL — June 2016 – May 2019
Adjunct Math Professor
▪ Prealgebra ▪ Basic Algebra ▪ Intermediate Algebra ▪ Technical Mathematics I ▪ Technical Mathematics II ▪ Designed syllabus ▪ Develop and implement lectures for multiple learning styles ▪ Provided one on one instruction with struggling students ▪ Collaborate with faculty to ensure course success Kankakee School District #111 Kankakee, IL — 02/15 to June 2020
Substitute Teacher
▪ Long-term Special Education teacher for 9 months ▪ Long-term PE Teacher for 2 months ▪ Implemented teacher plans


Master of Divinity
Miami International Seminary, MINTS, Miami, FL—2016

Master of Education
DeVry University, Keller Graduate School of Management, Tinley Park, IL—2014

Graduate Certificate in Education Technology
DeVry University, Keller Graduate School of Management, Tinley Park, IL—2016

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
DeVry University, Tinley Park, IL—2009


Preaching, teaching, curriculum development, discipleship, Word, ppt, website design

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