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I live in Vancouver,Wa, and am willing to relocate.

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I would like to work in…

  • Youth / Student Ministry
  • Family Ministry
  • Miscellaneous / Other

I would like to work at a…

  • Baptist church
  • Baptist (Southern) church
  • Church of God in Christ church
  • Non-denominational church

Kramer Brucks's résumé

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A man of God called by the Holy Spirit to guide and Shepard the young lives for His Kingdom


Youth Intern
Vancouver, WA 98682
[email protected]
+1 360 901 7519 Youth Intern serving East Vancouver Community Church, it’s youth and their families.
Willing to relocate anywhere
Work Experience

Delivery Driver

Garlic Jim’s/Champ Pizza - Vancouver, WA
I deliver pizzas,answer phones, take orders over the phone on a touch screen register,I ring up customers as they come in to pick up their food,provide excellent customer service, I restock boxes fold them and put them away,clean dishes,sweep and mop.
Youth Intern

East Vancouver Community Church - Vancouver, WA
January 2021 to January 2023
6th-12th grade

Retreats: creating schedules/ activities, creating messages from scratch using the 3 point process, creating topics that are important and impactful for the youth, preparation, leading and working with leaders, working with the cook to design a menu, empowering my leaders in creating games and activities,encouraging and loving on the youth, small groups/ small group questions with work sheets, empowering leaders to run small groups, scheduled daily Bible reading(for the purpose of creating routine so when they go home the routine will continue), scheduled daily prayer and worship(for the purpose of creating routine so when they go home the routine will continue)

Mission trips: creating my own Involving: evangelism workshops, out reach and a fun day.
The point is to help the youth learn how to talk to people about God, serving the community by putting others first and then a day of fun.

Other mission trips: connecting with organizations in setting up mission trips run by the organization.

6 key goals for youth
Daily Prayer Life
Daily Bible Reading Life
Lifestyle of Evangelism
Walking with The Spirit
Putting Others First

Fundraising: car wash, rummage sale:setting up tables, organizing, putting together a team, receiving items, handling money, taking tables down, price tagging everything, working with youth and leaders as a team. Spaghetti feed: setting up tables and put table clothes on, having the youth dress up in waiters and waitresses outfits, have cooks make the food, invite people from the congregation to invite their significant other and make a date night out of it and accept only donations so people can decide how much they want to give rather then setting a entrance fee because people might want to donate more if we do not charge that fee.

Gospel Guy: Evangelizing
Monthly Events Planned: Bowling, paintball, movie day, escape rooms, Bullwinkle, beach day, pumpkin patch, sonic, all-nighters, ice skating, worship nights, light up night frisbee, bbq’s, spikeball, volleyball, kickball, broom hockey, scavenger hunts,

1 on 1 dinners/ devotionals (female requires one other male youth)

Task and skills:
Monthly Event planning, equipping youth and youth leaders, planning mission trips and retreats, creating new mission trips, empowering leaders, creating a 4 year plan description of a disciple youth, loving on youth and their family, Biblical counseling trainee(transgender biblical counseling class and track 1 &2 of Faith Biblical Counseling Lafayette, Indiana ), creating games and schedules, preaching, creating and teaching lessons and 3 point lessons from scripture Sunday school, creating games and assisting leading Wednesday night youth, problem solving, relationships building 1 on 1 and a group setting, creating and building small group(leaders, worksheets,prayer), managing a youth budget, funds and creating budgets, using Microsoft word and excel , sharing the gospel to those who do not know the gospel as well as equipping the youth to be able to share the Gospel and why they believe it. , working with parents and encouraging them to help their youth follow Jesus, Leading service doing the welcome, prayer time, announcements and closing the service

Committed to teaching and preaching the word of God in small or large groups. Committed to Focusing on the word of God and committed to teaching and guiding the youth to live out the word of God as well as being an example of the Word of God.

School: Pacific Evangelical School of Ministry(current)
Working with other youth pastors in different and same denominations on activities, lunches, worship nights.

Working with Youth network coordinator on meeting and getting in touch and involved with other youth leaders and trainings and attending trainings
Premium Prep Cook/Premium Cook

Levy Restaurants at the Moda Center - Portland, OR
May 2014 to July 2019
Tasks Includes:
Cooking, Prepping, Cleaning, Organizing, Dating
Product, Following Health Code, Interacting with Guests and Co-workers for each of these venues at Moda: Suites, Dr. Jacks,
Media, Club Level, Catering, Players & Wives.
Premium Wearhouse

Levy Restaurants at the Moda Center - Portland, OR
September 2013 to May 2014
Tasks include:
Stocking Product, Cleaning, Organizing Product, Building
Orders for Delivery, Delivering Product and inventory
Concession Cook

Ovations/Levy Restaurants at Moda Center - Portland, OR
January 2013 to September 2013
Tasks include:
Cooking, Prepping, Cleaning, Organizing, Dating Product, Rotation of Foods and inventory
Team Member

Mt. Angel Sausage Company - Salem, OR
May 2009 to October 2012
Tasks include:
Cashier, Grill Cook, Beer Server, Cleaning, Counting Cash and Inventory
Pizza Maker/Cook

Paddington's Pizza - Salem, OR
October 2006 to March 2008
Tasks include:
Making Pizzas, , Making Dough, Cleaning, Cooking Pizzas, Organizing, Making House Recipe Pizza Sauce


Certificate of Ministry in Ministry

Pacific Evangelical School of Ministry - Portland, OR
September 2022 to Present

High school




Food service



Customer service

Food Prep


Kitchen Staff

Delivery Driver Experience


Culinary Experience

Food Safety

Serving Experience


2 years

Event Planning

3 years

Child & Family Counseling

Social Work


2 years

Training & development

2 years

Community Outreach

Biblical Teaching

2 years

Time management

2 years


2 years

Church Youth Budgeting

2 years

Events management

2 years

Individual / Group Counseling

Social media management


Additional information

Volunteer Work:

Live Love Homeless Outreach Ministry/Living Hope Church(November 2022-Present)
Serving the homeless food packages, getting them clothes, talking to them about Christ, delivering food, working security.

Children's Ministries/East Vancouver Community Church February 2019- April 2021 Tasks:
Preparing and Teaching Lesson Plans K-5

Community BBQ's (June 2019-August 2019)
Tasks:Planning, Delegating, and Executing Community BBQ's. Rallying youth to hand out flyer's in neighborhoods for advertising BBQ.

Foods Classroom Calapooia Middle School Albany,OR(September/14-1December 2016) Tasks:Planned Menu, Shopped for Supplies, Demonstrated Techniques, Achievements/Tasks Observed and assisted students.

Children's Ministry / Salem Evangelical Church, Salem OR(June 2006-200606)
Tasks:Vacation Bible School. Welcomed kids, Check-In, Snack, Story, Arts & Crafts, Game Activities.

Completed 2yr Youth Internship
January 2021-January 2023
2 Year Length of Service Award (January2013 - July 2019)
4 Year Length of Service Award (January 2013 - July 2019)
6 Year Length of Service Award (January 2013 - July 2019)

Sports, Music,Volunteering, Church Activities, Community Activities, reptiles, Family and Friends